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of a small facility to house parents and siblings while they visit patients.”
    Briet’s frown lines smoothed out. “You’ve already spoken with these people?”
    “I initiated this discussion a few weeks ago. The clips will be for their PR use, within their own companies or for their own manipulation. I frankly don’t care as long as they pony up the funds.”
    “But this trial doesn’t last long enough to warrant purchase of a building.”
    “The oncology ward in this hospital is huge, as well as the pediatric wing. Between the two, the family/guest facility would be in full-time operation. Once Welson’s project is completed, the facility will be entrusted to the hospital for this ongoing purpose. For the donors, it’s a viable tax deduction, win-win.”
    “You’re playing way out of your sand box, Mr. Ballard.”
    “ Briet .” He emphasized her name.
    She had the good grace to flush with embarrassment. Scaling back to calling him Mr. Ballard wasn’t going to resolve anything between them. Why it was so important to him that she stay open and connected with him, he didn’t know. His reactions went against every rule he set for himself. Right now, he didn’t give a damn. All he wanted was to reestablish balance between them.
    “I took this job because I can play wherever I want. As long as the job is successful I get a lot of freedom.”
    “Must be fun having all that freedom.”
    “Maybe you’d like to try your hand?” He shook his head at her scowl. “There’s a reception after the meeting tomorrow. The shareholders like to meet the doctors, makes them feel like they’re personally influencing the process.”
    “Thought they weren’t allowed to personally influence us?”
    He laughed. Of all the people least likely influenced, Briet was at the top of the list. “Don’t take any money or bribes and you’ll be fine.”
    “Can’t remember the last time I took a bribe.”
    “Probably never?”
    She pretended to consider and answered soberly, her eyes sparkling. “Yes, never.”
    “Perhaps I could induce you to have a late dinner with me after the reception?”
    The question took her by surprise. She almost missed putting the wet tea bag down on the cup lid. “Dinner, like…”
    “Like eating. Somewhere public.”
    Jason couldn’t have prepared for her response. Until he saw her smile, he didn’t realize how he longed for it. Sweet God Almighty, she could just lay him low with something so simple. Made no sense, but he knew he’d do anything to see that again.
    “Sometimes these functions get out of hand, but we’ll play it by ear.”
    “All right. I would like to see what some of the people who support the Welson project are like.”
    “They’re very normal, boring even.” He figured she would impress more than a few. The screen saver now swirling over the video clips caught his eye. “I’m sorry about Mario. It was not my intent to make any of the children uncomfortable.”
    She dipped her head and he could almost see the thoughts whirl there. When she looked up again it was with a softer expression, her large brown eyes bolstered her smile, once again filled with trust.
    “You did very well with Mario. I haven’t seen him let go like that since he’s been on the ward.”
    Jason shrugged. “He’s got a lot to worry about and no way to shake it off.”
    Briet watched the compliment sink in and the lines of tension around Jason’s mouth ease. The only sign she’d ever detected of his stress. And he was still stressed, though he hid it well. She doubted the cause stemmed from the presentation. If anyone could talk with ease in front an important crowd of people, it would be Jason.
    “Does the trust go both ways?” she asked.
    Looking wary, he nodded.
    “Tell me what happened when you were with Annie?”
    With a deep breath, he opened his mouth to reply. She could swear he was preparing for a denial. None came.
    “I don’t know what happened. One minute I was looking

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