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Authors: Jamie K. Schmidt
it was.
    “Not yet.” He winked at her. “I just got up.”
    Amelia gaped at him. Maybe he hadn’t been alone last night after all. She was surprised at how hurt she was that he’d easily replaced her. Taking a deep breath, she focused on the task at hand: coffee.
    “I don’t think you’re covered under my rental agreement,” Amelia said. Maybe they could just forget last night had happened?
    “Did you drive a car in New York?” he challenged, a determined glint in his eye.
    “No. That’s what the bus and subway are for.”
    Kai and Hani winced. Makoa shrugged. “Your funeral,” he said.
    “I’m a very good driver.” Amelia wondered if she sounded like Rain Man.
Yeah. Really good driver.
She sighed. Might as well get it over with on the way to coffee. “Fine, you can come with me, but no backseat driving.”
    “Sweet thing, if I’m in the backseat we won’t be driving.”
    “I’ll keep that in mind.” She jangled her keys. “Let’s go. Coffee’s brewing.”
    “Okay,” Dude said, shrugging. “You can pull over after the first hairpin turn.”
    “Ha, what do you take me for?” Amelia motioned him to follow her to the parking garage. “I’m a New York chick. Nothing scares me.”
    The ride out started beautifully. She rolled down all the windows. “Man, I wish I’d rented a convertible.”
    Dude put on a local station and they rocked out for a bit. She was glad he didn’t start in on the questions or explanations right away. It was fun to sing off-key with him to Jimmy Buffet. It started to feel like a vacation.
” he said. “Get ready. There’s no visibility coming your way. This time of day, you’ll probably only get a few locals on motorcycles or scooters. Stay the course; they’ll veer around you. If we meet a truck, stop, and back the heck up.”
    “Who has the right of way?”
    “The bigger car. There’s not enough room for you to go around it. Next time I’ll put you on the back of my bike.”
    Two hairpin turns later, she pulled the car over. “You can drive.”
    They switched seats quickly, and Dude pulled them back onto the road.
    “That’s pretty intense,” she said.
    “One day working at the resort and you’re a native.” He gave her the shaka.
    “Use both hands,” Amelia screeched.
    “That’s what she said.” He winked at her.
    Amelia settled into the seat and tried to rub feeling back into her knuckles. “How did you know I was working today?”
    “Your name badge kind of gives it away, sunshine.”
    “Oh.” Amelia blushed and put it in her purse. “Makoa’s sister makes them.”
    “Yeah, I know her.”
    “How well do you know her?” Amelia arched an eyebrow at him.
    “Why do you care?” he returned.
    Here it comes.
“Yeah, about that…”
    “No worries, sistah. I get it. A girl like you and a guy like me…” He lifted a shoulder in a half shrug.
    “No, don’t be silly.” Amelia waved her hand to dismiss the thought. “I came on like a ton of bricks. I don’t blame you for not coming back.”
    “Wait,” he said. “
came back.
weren’t there. I looked all over for you.”
    “You came back?” It was ridiculous to want to cry just because Dude hadn’t run out on her. “I thought I scared you off. You took so long at the bar I thought that was my cue to leave.”
    “No.” He shook his head. “You got it all wrong. I got stopped a few times by the boys. Next time, I’ll tell them to leave me alone because I got a hot number waiting for me. Went to sleep thinking about your sweet kisses, sunshine.”
    That soothed any residual hurt feelings. “It was probably for the best. I needed a solid twelve hours of sleep. But I’m sorry I didn’t stick around.”
    “So, you sayin’ if I can find a lanai tonight…?” His lips quirked up.
    “I think I’m ready to be your two-week stand, if you can handle that type of commitment.” From the sudden silence, Amelia thought she’d shocked him. But

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