Bitter Bite

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Authors: Erin M. Leaf
something? We saved your life, vampire.” Frustration
chased across Gideon’s face.
    Alaric blinked. Coughed. “What happened?” His eyes darted around
an unfamiliar apartment. “Are you and Hannah all right?”
    “You passed out. It was really weird. Gideon carried you to my
place,” Hannah said, frowning as she put a hand on his forearm. Whatever she
felt must have reassured her for her face cleared. “You look much better now.
Not all floppy.” She paused. “You feel better, too.”
    Panic trickled through Alaric and he struggled to sit up. “Your
apartment?” He shouldn’t seem better to her. He should feel hard and cold.
Vampires didn’t give off heat like humans. Sweet
darkness, we’ve bonded.
    She nodded. “You weren’t making any sense, but we figured we
should get out of the club since you seemed so insistent on leaving.”
    Alaric stared at her. Her mouth looked swollen. He turned to
Gideon, who wouldn’t meet his gaze. “You kissed her, didn’t you?” He sensed
Gideon’s worry thrown over the three of them like a thick, muffling cloak.
    “So what?” Gideon turned back to him, hazel eyes flinty. “So did
    Alaric nodded slowly. “So I did.” He examined the small apartment
before staring at the windows. Hannah’s feminine touch was evident in the
decorative pillows and pastel artwork on the walls, but flimsy curtains were
the only barrier between him and the burning sun that would rise come morning.
If he wasn’t mistaken, Hannah’s home faced east. Brosius would be coming for
him soon, too. It was unfortunate that after hunting his enemy for so many
years and coming so close to ending their feud, he’d suddenly become
vulnerable. Hunted, instead of the hunter. He sent out his senses, recoiling
when the sounds of the city rushed at him painfully. His hearing was twice as
sharp now that he’d tasted Gideon and Hannah’s blood. And they have no idea
that we are now linked.
    “You kissed both Gideon and me at Club Trinity,” Hannah said.
From her tone, she wanted an explanation.
    Alaric ignored her. Trying to explain what happened would only
lead to recriminations, and he doubted they had the time to spare. “We need to
get out of here.” He tried to stand up, but nearly fell down when he got off
the couch. “We won’t be safe here for long.”
    “Whoa,” Gideon said, grabbing his arms. “Easy.” The moment their
skin touched, arousal flared through Alaric.
    “Oh God,” Gideon said thickly.
    “What is it?” Hannah put her hand out and touched him, too. She
    Alaric’s eyes burned as heat he hadn’t experienced in centuries
swept through him. He’d almost forgotten what sunlight felt like on his skin,
but this was hotter than his long ago memories of standing on the beach at
noon. Hotter than fire. Suddenly, he no longer regretted the consort bond.
Gideon and Hannah made him vulnerable, but it was worth it, if only to feel
this alive once again. He turned to Hannah and pulled her into a kiss. She fell
against his chest, opening up to him so sweetly he wanted to cry.
    “Alaric, stop,” Gideon said, grabbing his wrists.
    Alaric fell back and pulled Gideon with him. Hannah tumbled to the
side, eyes closed as she rode the high their bond gave them.
    “What’s happening to me?” she whispered, running her hands up and
down Alaric’s arm.
    Gideon groaned and grabbed Alaric’s face. “This has to stop.”
    Alaric laughed and dragged him closer, kissing him roughly. “It’s
too late to stop it.” And I wouldn’t even
if I could.
    “Fuck,” Gideon muttered as Alaric bit down on his neck. His fangs
descended and fresh blood slid across his lips.
    “Oh my God,” Hannah cried, pulling at his shoulder. “Stop it!”
    Her confusion crashed over his mind. Alaric turned to her and
kissed her again with Gideon’s blood on his mouth.
    She tried to get away, but he wouldn’t let her. The moment she
tasted Gideon’s blood, she went limp, sighing as the rush

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