The Billionaire's Gentle Rescue (The Sisterhood)

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Authors: Elizabeth Lennox
direction, or tweak the marketing idea to better cater to her current client base as well as expand it.
    The food came and they ate, continuing to discuss the ideas and tweak it. Marco no longer only explained, but he asked her opinion and encouraged her own ideas. She made notes in the margins and argued with him on the direction she should go. Marco agreed with some of her ideas, but wouldn’t let her shy away from the more aggressive ones. He pushed her, she pulled back, they argued and she had to laugh at how tenacious he could be.
    “What’s so funny?” he asked, sitting back in the leather sofa.
    She picked up the broccoli and chicken. “You ate the rest!”
    “Of course I did. Snooze, you lose, Gorgeous. Isn’t that what I’ve been trying to tell you for the past five hours?”
    Zoe glanced at her watch and gasped. “Goodness!” she exclaimed, standing up and looking around. “I had no idea it was so late. I’m sorry to have taken over your evening.”
    He stood up as well, and Zoe didn’t realize how close she’d been sitting. But as he stood, their feet were almost touching, making them less than an inch away from each other.
    Looking up at him, she started to take a step backwards but he stopped her by putting an arm around her waist. “Marco, I…”
    “Shhh,” he interrupted her.
    She couldn’t hold his gaze, letting her eyes fall to the middle of his chest. “We can’t do this again,” she said softly but didn’t move.
    “Do what again?”
    “Become involved.”
    “We’re already involved.”
    “Personally. We have to keep it professional.”
    He sighed and let his hands move up and down her back, enjoying the shivers that movement caused. “We can keep it professional,” he said, his hands moving to her waist. “For now.”
    He stepped back and looked down at her. “I’ll drive you home,” he said.
    Zoe started to clean up the boxes of Chinese food but he took her hand. “The office cleaning crew will be in later to clean that up. Just grab the papers so you can look at them tonight or tomorrow. Call me if you have any questions.”
    She nodded quietly and tensed when he took her coat, draping it over her shoulders. At this late hour, the trip to her loft took only about ten minutes and Zoe sat in the soft leather, her body tense and humming from his touch.
    When he parked, she quickly jumped out, then bent down to thank him.
    Before she could close the passenger side door, he held up her hand to stall her. “There’s a party tomorrow night for a fundraising event. Can you have one of your dresses from your new line ready to wear by then?”
    Zoe’s breath caught in her throat but she nodded.
    “Good. I’ll pick you up at seven. Sleep well, Beautiful.”
    He waited again until she was safely inside and her lights were on. Zoe watched as his sleek, powerful car drove away and sighed, leaning her forehead against the darkened window. The fundraiser tomorrow night loomed heavily, and Zoe wondered how she was going to deal with that kind of event. A night standing next to Marco? Without business to distract her? She was just begging for trouble, wasn’t she?
    Debbie had been right. She’d gotten herself into a mess but not for the reasons she’d thought.

    Chapter 4
    Zoe’s fingers shook as she zipped the dress up. Her worried eyes looked at her reflection in the mirror and wondered what Marco might think of the design. It was sapphire blue silk with a very low square neckline that hugged all the way down the rest of her figure. Adding a bit of pizzazz, there was an additional flared overskirt that came out from each side of her waist in iridescent blue sapphire tissue.
    It had been one of her favorite designs for the fall line, but seeing it on her now, she felt that it showed a bit too much cleavage and cinched in her waist, making her bust look bigger.

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