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Authors: Kahlen Aymes
    “Oh, my God! Angel!”
    “What?” she asked innocently with wide eyes and raised eyebrows. “I had a patient with a penis obsession last year! I’ve heard ’em all!” She fell over into Alex’s arms, giggling uncontrollably. A miracle considering the overwhelming sadness she’d felt only moments before.
    “I doubt I’ll ever be able to get it up again after that! I think I prefer man banana!” He chuckled, enjoying the way she felt in his arms—her warm breath on his neck, the soft curves beneath the expensive linen. She always smelled so good.
    “I have faith in your ability,” she murmured, sobering. Her hand traced his jaw softly.
    “You do, huh?” His lips found hers, softly, and he closed his eyes, inhaling her scent.
    Angel nodded and yawned, drawing her hand to cover her mouth. “Yes.”
    Even with Angel in his arms, Alex got easily to his feet. “Come on. Back to bed with you, young lady.”
    Angel laid her head on his shoulder and snuggled in, memorizing the feel of his arms around her and his firm chest, warm next to hers. The clink of Max’s collar followed them down the hall and the dog found a warm spot on the floor next to Alex’s bed.
    When Angel was tucked back in, Alex slid in behind her and gathered her back against his body. The heat radiating between them quickly warmed the covers and created a cozy cocoon around them both. The duvet was plush and fluffy, and Angel mused how everything that surrounded her was soft as silk, even Alex’s skin. His body was solid muscle, but she fit so perfectly to him: it was heaven. Angel’s fingers ran over the soft hair on his forearm that was wrapped around her and let her feet rest between his calves.
    Alex hugged her closer still. “Mmmm… this feels nice.” His lips found her shoulder in a gentle caress that ended in the soft bite of his teeth. “Go to sleep, baby.”
    They lay in the darkness, but Angel continued to stroke Alex’s arm, her fingers entwining with his when she reached them. “How am I different?” she wondered aloud, needing an answer that she might never have the chance to hear again.
    Alex’s eyes snapped open and he frowned. The hand holding hers tightened, and he kissed her shoulder again. “How aren’t you different, Angel?” he responded.
    “But… how ?”
    He considered how to make his meaning clear; how best to communicate her significance. “Well, you’re amazingly gorgeous, and your body anticipates and reciprocates every move I make. I let you tongue-lash me and, the strange thing is, I like it. You give as good as you get.”
    “You don’t let me do anything. I do what I want.”
    “Exactly.” He laughed softly, his chest shaking gently against her back. “Soooo fucking sexy.”
    “So it’s about the sex?”
    “No.” He shook his head. “I mean, sure, it’s incredible, no question. My dick has never been happier, but it’s your wit and your intelligence that I adore, the many ways you affect me.”
    He ran a hand over the soft swell of her hip and down her thigh, only to retrace the movement. “Your body is irresistible and fits mine perfectly. It’s like you were made just for me.”
    She listened, her heart aching yet anxious for the comfort of his voice.
    “I miss you,” he said quietly after a moment’s pause, the realization a surprise, even to himself. “That’s the biggest thing.”
    “What?” she asked so softly he barely heard her.
    “ I miss you .” He shrugged slightly, the admission leaving him vulnerable—which was new and uncomfortable. A position he avoided at all costs most of the time, but with Angel, he was driven to spill his guts. “I never missed anyone before. In fact, I couldn’t wait to leave. But when we’re not together, I can’t wait to be with you, and when we are, I never want to leave.” He huffed in realization. “It’s ridiculous. You’re always on my mind, Angel. When I woke up earlier and you weren’t in bed, I panicked.

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