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Mom. If I didn’t put Michael’s feelings first, then I’d be with Gina right now.”
    â€œBut you’re not.”
    Keith felt bitterness rise up within him. He felt his throat tighten. Keith was disgusted with his feelings but was helpless to quell the remorse that suffocated him every day.
    â€œEnvy and jealousy are terrible diseases,” Gerry said in a gentler tone. “You’ve never been this way before about anything in your life. Please give your actions serious thought.” She sighed. “I love Gina, but that girl is going to give me more gray hairs. She’s turned my two intelligent sons into two unrecognizable bumbling idiots.” Though Gerry’s words were harsh, she reached up and gave her son a tender kiss on the cheek.
    Keith embraced his mom, conceding that she was right. He had to get some perspective and set his life in order. Keith thought about how he had felt when he was praying. He promised himself he was going to pray about this situation.
    He didn’t know why he could not shake his feelings for Gina. He didn’t want to hurt his brother. He knew he was playing a dangerous game.
    Keith felt grimy.
    God still wants you. The thought hit his mind. Could that be possible, for real? He wondered.
    When Keith and his mother entered the waiting room, Gina was sitting with Trey. She was holding his tiny hand and whispering words of comfort. Gina turned with an expectant gaze at their entrance. Keith could see her looking around his shoulder for Michael. He watched as her shoulders slumped with disappointment.
    Before long they were escorted to Trey’s hospital room. When Trey fell asleep, Gina announced that she was going to get water, but Keith knew better. He could see the tears threatening to fall. Following his instincts and his heart, Keith grabbed a box of tissues and followed her out the room.

Chapter Ten
    The box of tissues in hand, Keith followed Gina as she ambled outside the hospital. Gina had taken the elevator and he had taken the stairs. With his long legs, he caught up to her in no time. He held the box of tissues out to her. She pulled a couple out. He knew Gina needed a good cry. They walked over to Gina’s SUV. She disengaged the alarm, and the two of them sat in the front seat.
    â€œI don’t get where Michael could be,” Gina cried. “This isn’t like him, and I don’t know if something happened. I am already worried about Trey. God, where is he?” Her chin quivered, and the tears fell.
    Keith waited for Gina’s tears to subside. He had left another message for Michael and did not have a clue. He did not want to exacerbate the situation by announcing that he’d noticed Michael’s furtive actions of late.
    Gina took a deep breath and composed herself. Then she perked up. “I almost forgot something.” She reached behind her to get something from the backseat. Grabbing a box, she held it out to him.
    It took a moment for Keith to register that the box was intended for him. After a brief hesitation, Keith took the gift and tore off the wrapping paper. He opened the box, but in the SUV dim interior he could not see what was inside. He turned on the interior light and was surprised to see a Bible.
    He outlined the insignia bearing his name with his fingertip. The leather-bound Bible was exquisite. He opened it to the dedication page and read Gina’s profound words. “This is beautiful, Gina,” Keith said. “I love it.”
    Gina reached up and held her locket. Then, looking at Keith, she smiled. “We both seem to know the kinds of gifts to give each other. We have always been so in sync.”
    â€œSo why are you constantly looking over my shoulder for my brother?” he asked. “He should be here, but he’s been occupied with something else of late. I’m here for you. I don’t want to be a substitute.”
    â€œThat’s kind of selfish of you.

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