First Time Secrets (Vol. 2 - The Party)

Free First Time Secrets (Vol. 2 - The Party) by Mason Lee

Book: First Time Secrets (Vol. 2 - The Party) by Mason Lee Read Free Book Online
Authors: Mason Lee
Vol. 2 – The Party
    David was in the middle of another sleepless night with no relief in sight. He had jerked off an hour ago and had fallen into a disturbing dream that he'd woken from with a start, lying in a puddle of sweat. He never remembered dreams and yet this one was frighteningly vivid and he felt as if he were still on the edge of it and one flicker of his eyelids would pull him back in.
    The Professor had been there. David hadn't seen his body but there was no dismissing his face and the black eyes that seemed to open him up and read the pages of him so easily. David had never felt quite so exposed with anyone else.
    He groaned and looked up at the ceiling. Why didn't he just tiptoe down the hallway and find himself at Dean's door? That would be the easy thing to do. And the right thing to do. When he thought of waking his first lover up, his arms around him, following Dean back to his small bed and worshiping every inch of his body, David felt his dick knocking against his thigh once more.
    He pulled the loose, gray sweatpants on and rolled a clean t-shirt on over his head and quietly made his way to the opposite end of the building. He found himself in front of the second to the last door on the right, where he hoped to find the muscular, young man that he had brought to his bed just days ago. He knocked quietly and there was no answer. David strained to listen, trying to hear Dean's sleep noises or, God forbid, sex noises with someone else. He knocked again, louder this time, suddenly nervous that he had been a fool and was easily replaced.
    Feet shuffled and the door creaked open. Dean stood with one hand balled up in a fist to rub his eye, stretching. He was barely audible when he mumbled, “Hey, dude, I was out cold. Deep sleep.”
    “Yeah, sorry to wake you. I just couldn't sleep and I thought...”
    David trailed off. He'd never taken the initiative before and he didn't think he could do it, even now.
    “Come on in, it's late.”
    Dean waved at him and shuffled back to the small mattress, pulling off the shorts he had on before lying down and making room for David's head on the pillow behind him. David was naked before he threw his arm around his waist and pulled him close. His erection was rubbing up against his hard cheek and Dean murmured, “David, you feel so good.”
    The young man clasped his hand and closed his eyes. David watched him sleep for a while, and then pressed his lips to his muscled shoulder and finally drifted off without incident.
    David felt the sensation coursing down his chest and it buzzed in the background as he gradually woke up and when he looked down to find out what it was, he saw Dean's head on his chest. His mouth was wet and warm and his tongue flicked across David's nipple, teasing him, tasting him.
    David let out a long sigh and Dean looked up, his mouth still firmly clamped on him and his eyes were smiling. He released the tender bit of flesh and said, “Good morning. I was wondering what I'd have to do before you woke up.”
    “Oh, God, you could just do that forever,” David arched his back and stretched, suddenly wondering if he had presumed far too much with those words. It had only been once and then last night they just slept; they hadn't even made love. David's face was getting warm and the thoughts were colliding one on top of the other. He sat up quickly, feeling like he should make his escape.
    “Hey, where are you going?” Dean asked, his strong hands pulling him back to the mattress, “I was just getting started.”
    “Really?” David was unaccustomed to intimacy and realized that his relative virginity influenced every nuance and every thought.
    “Yes, really. If I wasn't so tired last night, I would have had my way with you,” he said with a wink.
    Dean had crawled on top of David and hovered over him, searching his face and staring into his eyes before drawing near and sucking his bottom lip before kissing David deeply, his tongue delving

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