The Rockstar and His Fangirl (How Not to be Seduced by Rockstars): A Hot Billionaire Rock Star Romance

Free The Rockstar and His Fangirl (How Not to be Seduced by Rockstars): A Hot Billionaire Rock Star Romance by Marian Tee

Book: The Rockstar and His Fangirl (How Not to be Seduced by Rockstars): A Hot Billionaire Rock Star Romance by Marian Tee Read Free Book Online
Authors: Marian Tee
~ One ~

    Worrisome white croaker. A lover of all things with fins, Sapphire “Saffi” March-Aehrenthal used fish names like cuss words, and the coping mechanism came in handy whenever she was stressed…like now.
    She had heard about train stations being really busy, especially those in London. She had watched Harry Potter, after all. But the scene before her? The size of the crowd at the London Victoria Station was intimidating, and everyone’s brisk pace even more so. Maybe she was just imagining it, but it felt like everyone knew where they were supposed to go except for her.
    The negative thought had her shaking her head. Stop it, Saffi. She needed all the positive vibes she could get for this all-important trip.  
    Clutching her train ticket in one hand and the handle of her trolley in the other, she started forward, her head bowed to avoid having anyone recognize her. While she wasn’t famous, her husband certainly was, and most people thought that wherever she was, the world’s most famous rock star was certain to be there as well.
    The thought had Saffi’s shoulders slumping. Maybe that was so before. But not in the last few days.  
    She shook her head determinedly. Stop with the negativity, Saffi. Tonight’s plan would be for nothing if she continued being pessimistic. Of course, just thinking about her “plan” had Saffi blushing, and she covered her cheeks even though she knew it was a lame attempt to stop them from turning any redder.
    Silly sixgill shark. She was a twenty-year-old married woman. There was nothing wrong about planning to seduce her own husband… right?
    Saffi quickened her steps, feeling like by doing so she could perhaps run away from her very own embarrassment.
    A short distance away, a train had just slowed to a stop. In seconds, its doors opened, and people burst out like an unstoppable tidal wave. All of a sudden, Saffi found herself surrounded then jostled about like she was inside a pinball game.
    Someone knocked into her from behind, and Saffi found herself falling—
    “Got you.”
    The familiar Swedish-accented English had Saffi freezing in shock. When she looked up, she saw that it really was him.
    Staffan Aehrenthal.
    Sweden’s #1 Sex God.
    Her husband.
    He had on a worn-looking sports cap, pulled down to cover most of his face and effectively hiding his famous white-blond hair. He was also dressed a lot more casually than what was usual – he was not called Mr. Rockstar Chic for nothing – with his baseball shirt and torn jeans.  
    She blinked up at him. “S-Sta—”
    “Ssssh.” He placed a finger on her lips. Amusement gleamed in his fuck-me hazel eyes as he whispered, “People might hear.” After making sure she was properly back on her feet, Staffan took her trolley from her. “Is this all?”
    She nodded, ridiculously tongue-tied at seeing Staffan again. Maybe she shouldn’t be, but she couldn’t help it. She had admired him for so long that it was hard for her to stop being in awe of him. The fangirl part of her would always be there, would always be deliriously happy with every little thing Staffan did for her.
    He was so, so handsome. She didn’t think there would come a day when she’d ever tire of looking at him. And she so loved the way he moved. Every step he took was grace in motion, like any moment he would be dancing—
    Staffan turned around, surprise on his gorgeous face at seeing her still stuck in the same place. “Baby?”  
    “Sorry.” She hurried after him. Mortifying Modoc sucker. She had actually spaced out at the sheer beauty of him. As they started walking, she asked, “How did you find me?”
    He rolled his eyes. “You really think I wouldn’t be able to find my own wife?”
    She turned red, her heart skipping a beat at the words even as she said in a mumbled protest, “Stop it.”
    Laughing, Staffan ruffled her hair.
    She bit back a sigh. These days, Staffan was either ignoring her – or treating her like a kid.
    He asked

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