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master bedroom and saw this particular room didn’t look as chaotic as the others. When he still didn’t see Roxie he figured she probably needed to show him something in the connecting bath so he moved in that direction.
    He walked into the bathroom and stood, stock-still. She had needed to show him something all right. She was there, casually leaning against the vanity and except for those have-sex-with-me strappy sandals on her feet, she was stark naked.

    On some level Robert really wasn’t surprised to see her that way. And on another level, he was aroused as any one man could possibly get. At the moment his arousal was overtaking his degree of astonishment. He had expected her to try to seduce him subtly, and not hit him with a full-blown bombshell. And the way his sex was pressing against the zipper of his pants showed just how little control he had.
    He crossed his arms over his chest. “Don’t you think we need to talk about this?”
    “Sure, if you think we must. I’ll listen to whatever you have to say. In the meantime, could you help me take off my shoes?”
    He glanced down at her feet and considered her request. But only after letting his gaze move from her feet, slowly up her leg and then upward to zero in on her feminine mound. And what a feminine mound it was. Luscious looking, puffy, like it could use a good beat down.
    And she had a Brazilian wax job that was truly amazing to the point he had to fight from groaning aloud. How long had it been since he had a woman? Tasted one? But any woman wouldn’t do. He knew that now. If that had been the case he wouldn’t be in this predicament. For ten long months he had kept his libido under control and now it was falling apart. Thanks to Roxie.
    “This is a deliberate setup,” he said, moving forward to stoop down in front of her. She lifted her feet to him and smiled. “Yes, it is.”
    What could he say to that? He decided nothing, and went about removing her shoes while trying not to notice her scent, an enticing aroma that was making it hard for him to concentrate on what he was doing.
    “You sure are taking a long time.”
    What did she expect? He’d never been a rush man. When it came to a woman he took things as slowly as he took them seriously. By the time he made it inside a woman, the wait would have been worth it. And why was he thinking about getting inside of her? Planting himself inside her body pretty deep. Was it because he had shamelessly thought of doing that very thing since seeing her again?
    He dropped the first shoe to the floor with a thump, and proceeded to remove the second. He studied her feet. They were small, pretty and sexy. Her toes were painted a bright red. The same color as her nails. The same color as the panties she’d taken off. Passion red.
    He inhaled deeply and knew if he had any sense, any sense at all, he would dispense with this foolishness and leave. For her to pull something this bold and daring meant she was pretty sure of herself…and pretty damn sure of him. And he’d never liked being in that kind of position with a woman where they assumed they knew how he would handle any given situation.
    Like this one for instance.
    Evidently Roxie assumed him walking in, finding her stark naked and leaning against the vanity in a very relaxed, hot and sexy pose, would make him want to lift her up on the marble countertop and have his way with her.
    She was right.
    He dropped the second shoe with another thump; let his gaze travel from the heel of that foot all the way up her long legs to the juncture of her thighs. He knew deep down in his gut that at the moment he was powerless to resist her. He was too mesmerized by the beauty of her naked skin, every inch of her enticing flesh. Everything about her was perfect—her small waist, her curves, her stomach, shoulders, every single thing.
    He slowly eased up in a standing position to face her and forced his gaze up to her face. So she’d known how he

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