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Authors: Maggie Cox
since his outburst of temper. If only he could find the words to reassure her, to tell her that he would never willingly cause her any more pain in a million years. But right then—with the voices of excited young children ringing out in the chilly spring day—Reece’s ability to think with any real clarity just got wrapped up in the innocent yet hurtful sounds, and he bent down, picked up a pebble and threw it into the water so that it skimmed across the dull, slightly green surface and made three distinct splashes as it progressed out into the centre of the lake.
    â€˜What “things” do you need to concentrate on?’ he asked.
    â€˜I want to get back to work myself. Not modelling,’ she added quickly as she registered Reece’s swift frown of disapproval. ‘I’ve been working on some fashion designs, and Nina Bryant thinks that they’re really quite good. I know a lot of people in the business still, and I think I could make a go of something if I give it my all.’
    Reece hated to burst her bubble, he really did, but in his opinion no way was Sorrel ready to throw herself into another career—let alone ‘give it her all.’ She hadn’t given herself proper time either to grieve or heal, and if this fashion designing didn’t work out the disappointment could set her back even further. Much more pressing was the need for them both to try and repair the damage that had been done to their marriage, so that they could weather this new storm together with some strength.
    â€˜I don’t think now is the time to be thinking about starting out in something else, Sorrel.’ His frown deepened, furrowing the lightly tanned skin on his forehead. ‘I think we should go away somewhere, like I suggested before. We could go to the house in the Algarve. At this time of year it won’t be too hot, and we can just spend time together and relax.’
    â€˜I don’t want any more time to relax or think or brood! Can’t you see that? I need to keep myself occupied. I really don’t want to go away on holiday, Reece. Don’t you think I would go out to Australia if I wanted to, and stay with my parents if I needed a break? My mum and dad have already asked me.’ But Sorrel hadn’t felt able to face her beloved parents’ distress about the loss of her baby and deal with her own as well— or capitulate to her sister Melody’s insistence that she return to Suffolk and stay with her. Best to steer clear of other people expressing their emotions right now, when she wasn’t exactly feeling strong or prepared.
    â€˜And what about us?’
    Reece turned to face her head-on and Sorrel caught the merest glimpse of a muscle flexing slightly in the plane of his beautiful angled cheekbone. She sensed the undoubted tension building inexorably inside him,as though he was on a very short fuse that was going to ignite any second now.
    â€˜Don’t you think it would do us both good to get away together? To have time to rest and relax and make some decisions about our future?’
    Her heart jumped. Hadn’t he already told her he was in this ‘for better or worse’? Was he now changing his mind?
    â€˜I’ll still agree to a divorce, if that’s what you want.’
    Inside, Sorrel was so frozen she felt as if she’d been buried beneath an icy avalanche that she would never escape from.
    â€˜There’s not going to be any divorce. I told you that already! Instead I’m going to be right beside you while you heal, and we’re going to work things out together—as we should have done right from the beginning, when everything started to fall apart. Do you hear me?’
    She flinched at his uncompromisingly irritated tone, and at the perfectly delineated features that were so compelling. All she ever seemed to do these days was make him furious with her. But there were no manuals

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