Romancing Lady Stone (A School of Gallantry Novella)

Free Romancing Lady Stone (A School of Gallantry Novella) by Delilah Marvelle

Book: Romancing Lady Stone (A School of Gallantry Novella) by Delilah Marvelle Read Free Book Online
Authors: Delilah Marvelle
Tags: Historical Romance
“I took nothing.”
    Konstantin tightened his hold on the dagger. “Which means you took something. Where is it?”
    “ Mr. Levin ,” Lady Stone called out in exasperation. “Is it necessary to point that at him?”
    “Yes, it is necessary,” Konstantin called back in riled English. “Now stay in the room!”
    The man edged out and glanced toward Lady Stone, his blond brows popping up. He glanced toward Konstantin. “I met her earlier. Is she your wife?”
    “My wife?” Konstantin echoed. “No.”
    “Your sister?”
    “No, she—”
    “I love the British.” The young man’s tone purred. “They are my people. Tell her my cousin went to Truro for work in Cornwall. Everyone there was very generous. It changed his life. Has she ever been to Truro? What is her name? Tell her I work as a mason and am available. Tell her I am willing to learn English.”
    Konstantin lowered his blade in disbelief. Why was he suddenly jealous? “I came to your door, not to make formal introductions but to inform you we were robbed.”
    The man winced and scrubbed his head. “Ach. Yes. That. I will admit, sir, I… I went into her room looking for…for a stocking of hers. I collect them. But I took nothing else.” He gestured toward the disheveled area behind the door. “Search my room.”
    Jesus. The man was a bloody deviant. “You went into our room looking for her stockings?”
    The man hesitated, as if realizing his stupidity. “The door was open.”
    Konstantin grabbed the man by the shirt and slammed him into the nearest wall, causing the sconces around them to jump. “Unfortunately for you, my stupid friend, my watch is now missing. So tell me. Where the hell is it? Where did it go?”
    “I…I do not know,” the man choked out. “I did not take it. I only took a garter!”
    “ A garter ? You bloody took her—“ Konstantin pressed the tip of the knife into that throat and through gritted teeth bit out, “I want the garter and the watch. Or you are dead. And I will warn you, I fucking mean it.”
    The man’s eyes widened.
    “ Mr. Levin !” Lady Stone bustled toward him. “Let him go! ’Tis obvious by the way he is panicking he didn’t take your watch.”
    Seeing his blade pricking into the skin of a breathing person, and in front of a woman, no less, Konstantin’s hand trembled. This was who he used to be. Not what he wanted to be. Damn it. Konstantin released the man with a shove and stepped back, trying to remain calm. “You have until morning to give both back,” he growled out in Russian. “Or I will find you. And God help you and your cousin from Truro when I do.”
    The man stumbled back into the room and slammed the door, bolting it from inside.
    Konstantin hissed out a breath. Never mind the garter, how in hell was he going to get his watch back? He veered toward Lady Stone. “He picked the lock to steal one of your garters.”
    Her chest rose and fell in visible breaths. “What? Why?”
    “Apparently, he took a fancy to you. Next time, I suggest you not initiate men you do not know.”
    Her eyes sharpened. “Should I include you in that list of men? Because your behavior was uncalled for. The man was defenseless and had no means of protecting himself against your blade. He wasn’t even trying to fight you!”
    His lips parted. A man breaks into their room for her garter, takes his watch and somehow he was the villain. He shook his head, stalked past her and back into the room. She wouldn’t be the first woman to treat him like this. He was always the villain. Never the hero. Always the villain.
    Depositing the blade back onto the small rickety table beside the bed with a clatter, he kicked his belongings bit by bit into one pile and as calmly as he knew how, said, “Setting aside your garter, that watch is all I have left of my father. And now I may never get it back.”
    She lingered in the open doorway as if ready to leave. “What I just saw was a very different man from the one

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