The Taking (erotic paranormal) (The Breeding Prophecy)

Free The Taking (erotic paranormal) (The Breeding Prophecy) by Alexx Andria

Book: The Taking (erotic paranormal) (The Breeding Prophecy) by Alexx Andria Read Free Book Online
Authors: Alexx Andria
Cassandra escapes the evil Ulster and believes she’s running for the safety promised with Clan Barrachius but she is shocked when she receives a less than warm welcome by the Barrachius Alpha, Tieran . Caught in the ever-tightening web foretold by The Breeding Prophecy, Cassandra and Tieran must succumb to their desires, even if they can’t stand one another. As all out impending war between the clans hovers on the horizon, Cassandra must give herself to the power of The Prophecy if any are to survive the bloodbath that will ensue .
    (The Breeding Prophecy 4 )
    By Alexx Andria
    Copyright 2012 by Alexx Andria
    *This erotic story is intended for mature readers only. If you’re not 18 years or older, find something else to read.
    The fo llowing short story of approx. 7 ,5 00 word s is a n original work of fiction and part of an ongoing series .
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    Cassandra’s padded feet put miles between herself and the vile clan Janus ’ Alpha, Ulster , but she couldn’t escape the waves of shuddering revulsion that rolled beneath her pale white fur . The crisp night air invigorated and cleansed even as her heart wept over what she’d done. Oh, how she hated the Phase! What demented higher power had put together their speci es and thought it would be great fun if the female of their kind fucked anything that walked when they were in the Phasing period of their cycle? Cassandra wante d to howl the song in her heart t hat cried of shame and loathing and grief, but she had to keep moving. If Ulster managed to catch her, she’d find no mercy — not that she’d ask for any — his rotten heart was incapable of compassion, only sadistic lust.
    And she might’ve just conceived his child. She stumbled as the horrifying thought nearly sent her tumbling to the frost-bitten ground but she recovered and regained her speed. She wouldn’t think of that. Not right now. Safety first. Everything else came second.
    Ulster was likely gaining his forces, hot on her heels. Now that he’d tasted her, he’d never give up. Cassandra had caught a glimpse of his mind, felt his insanity and he was obsessed with her. More specifically, he’d been obsessed with her birth mother. The fact that Cassandra was some mystical being according to their legends was simply a bonus. Ulster had been enraged that Cassandra’s mother had run off and left her pack to join with the enemy, a man from clan Barrachius .
    Somehow she had to find Jandin and Koris —   hell, even that cold-hearted, achingly beautiful vampire Cristophe would be a welcome sight —   but the bitter night gave no clue as to where she was, only her fear that Ulster wasn’t far behind pushed her to continue .
    She didn’t know how long she’d been running but suddenly, her nose picked up a familiar scent and her heart thrilled with wild, almost hysterical hope.
    Jandin and Koris! Her twins! Pushing herself beyond her exhaustion, she ran straight toward the scent, following the trail as if it were a physical thing, drifting on the cold night air as a light blue ribbon that twisted and curled through the heavy forest. Her light sensitive eyes picked up the illumination from the moon, bathing the landscape in a ghostly watery glow that mesmerized her savage heart. She was of two minds: human and beast while her body was wholly beast. The sharp chill barely permeated her thick coat and the rough terrain was no match for the tough calluses of her paws. Seventy-two hours ago she hadn’t even known of her unique heritage; tonight she’d become the stuff of nightmares.
    The irony that she’d never owned a pet in her life and yet now someone might mistake her for one if they

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