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Authors: Max Chase
he asked Selene.
    Selene leapt back. ‘You spineless creep! After all I’ve done to save you!’
    Diesel’s yellow eyes flashed. ‘No one has ever needed to save me , you bossy bugonaut!’
    Peri jumped up and put himself between them. ‘No one is arresting Selene. Diesel, give me the cuffs.’
    Diesel’s narrow band of hair bristled as he handed them over. ‘I can’t believe you’re taking her side.’
    ‘She’s part of the crew,’ Peri said. ‘End of story.’
    ‘Hey, Earthlings!’ Otto boomed, crawling out from behind the gunnery station. ‘The cosmic-rat has led us to his nest!’
    Peri turned to look where Otto was pointing. The 360-monitor showed that Daxx’s vessel was heading straight for a huge shimmering blue planet.
    Selene hit the intercom switch and shouted, ‘Dad, come to the Bridge! You’ve got to see this.’ Then she slammed the ‘Emergency Stop’ button, making the Phoenix come to a dead stop.
    ‘What are you doing?’ Peri demanded.
    Selene put her hands on her hips. ‘I don’t understand. There shouldn’t be any planets in an Astro-Void.’
    Jaxx materialised next to Selene. He started activating the scanners.
    They watched Daxx’s ship duck and swerve on its approach to the shimmering blue planet as if it was flying an obstacle course.
    Then the Space Wolf disappeared.
    ‘He’s just vanished like a plasma-phantom!’ Jaxx exclaimed. ‘There’s no sign of cloak activation, not even a heat signature.’
    Peri realised that something was horribly wrong.

    Chapter 2
    ‘Daxx’s ship can’t just have disappeared. It must have landed on the blue planet,’ Peri said. ‘Magnify the planet, Selene. I want to see what we’re up against before we get any closer.’
    Selene spun a couple of zip-dials and frowned as the 360-monitor dissolved into  static. ‘The planet is shielded against magnified optical viewing. We’ll have to get closer to see anything.’
    ‘This is bad,’ Peri said. ‘First the ship we’re following vanishes. Then we come across a planet that shouldn’t exist. And the planet blocks our optical scans.’
    ‘This is just like that shielded asteroid I helped us sneak on to,’ Diesel said.
    ‘You mean Haven,’ Jaxx said. ‘Do you think this could be another port for the Mezzoka Clan?’
    Peri shivered at the idea of meeting up with the organised clan of the worst criminals in the Milky Way. He hoped that wouldn’t happen.
    ‘Your parents upgraded the Ultrawave scanner,’ Selene answered. ‘Let’s use that to find out.’
    ‘We’re in big trouble if Daxx is working for the Mezzoka Clan.’ Otto smacked a button on the gunnery station. A rectangle of red light appeared in the deck under Diesel’s feet. As the gunner jumped aside, the deck panel slid away. ‘Let’s arm up!’
    Shurrrpppt! A device like a small Ferris wheel floated up into the Bridge with more than twenty double-sided racks displaying almost every hand-held weapon Peri had ever seen – and a few that he hadn’t.
    ‘Where did that come from?’ Peri gasped.
    ‘And how does Otto know it’s there when I don’t?’ Diesel complained. ‘I’m in charge of weapons.’
    ‘I told him about it,’ Selene said. ‘He organised the whole thing while we were hiding on board and you were taking your Star Fighter exams. I had to keep him occupied somehow.’
    ‘You didn’t think that telling a Meigwor bounty hunter about a huge stash of deadly weapons might be a bad idea?’ Diesel pushed past Otto and hit the switch to stop the wheel rotating. He stared at the selection. ‘Where are the dusters and Paralysides?’
    ‘Dusters!’ Otto boomed. ‘Pathetic weapons!’ He smacked the button to start the racks spinning again. ‘We need much bigger firepower.’
    Over on the other side of the Bridge, Peri jumped as a loud wave of static burst from the control panel. ‘What the space dust was that?’ he exclaimed.
    ‘Sorry,’ Selene murmured as she fiddled with a zip-dial until

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