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Authors: Melanie Schertz
color was unique enough to
cause many to stare at him. What used to cause him
frustration, had become a useful way to use people’s
prejudices against themselves. While he distracted
the attention of others, other men and women were
able to lead those who were being rescued to safety.
~~ ** ~~
    Abraham Miller arrived at the Mallard Inn before
the dinner hour. Mrs Barkow showed him to a private
room near the dining room. The private room had a
servant’s entrance in the back, which led to the
servant’s staircase up to the guest rooms. Once the
door was shut behind him, Mrs Barkow led him up the
staircase and to the room where Elizabeth and Lucy
were staying.
    “Miss Elizabeth, this is Mr Abraham Miller. He has
agreed to assist us.” Mrs Barkow made the
introductions. “Abraham, this is Miss Elizabeth
Bennet and her maid, Lucy.”
“Actually, Lucy is my aunt’s maid, but that does
not really matter.”
Abraham looked at the young lady on the bed. “Is
she ill?”
“No, just frightened. She has been overwhelmed
by all that has happened.” Elizabeth stated.
    “Well, we will be hiding you in the basement of the
Bluecoat School. It is for poor children, but a friend of
mine works there, and will keep you there until
tomorrow. From there, we will work on moving to a
church near my home. The church is near the canal
which flows to Manchester. We can move you there,
to the home of another friend. Once in Manchester,
we can contact your relations to meet you there.”
    Tears were welling in Elizabeth’s eyes once again.
It amazed her how easily her tears flowed in the past
week. She was exhausted, not having slept a full night
since she left London. “Mr Miller, I cannot thank you
enough for your aid. I will see that you are
reimbursed when my family comes for me.”
    “It is not necessary, Miss Bennet. We are all
dedicated to stopping slavery, and your plight has
made me realize that my people are not the only ones
who can become victims of slavery. Now, while I
draw attention to myself near the front of this
establishment, I will have Mr Barkow lead you out the
back and to my wagon. You will need to hide under
the cloth on the back of the wagon. Mr Barkow knows
how to arrange everything.”
    Elizabeth nodded her head. Looking at the
innkeeper’s wife, she took hold of the lady’s hands. “I
cannot thank you enough, Mrs Barkow. I promise you
will be paid for the room and our care.”
    “I am not worried, dear girl. Now, do as Mr Miller
tells you and trust him. He will do everything he can
to protect you.” Mrs Barkow handed Elizabeth a
satchel with some clothing and food inside. “This is to
tide you over until the next stop on your way. Safe
journey, and I will be praying for you.”
    The two ladies embraced, and then, between
them, were able to manage standing Lucy up and
moving her to the stairwell. Mr Barkow was at the
bottom of the stairs, waiting to assist the young ladies.
“I saw the men, they were talking out front, though
one man was standing in the alley, near the stables. If
Abraham causes a fuss out front, I am certain the man
from the alley would move to the front.”
    “Very good. Walter, will you be able to take the
ladies to my wagon? It is parked in front of Jethries’
“There should be no problems. I will see them
safely hidden in the wagon.” Mr Barkow replied.
~~~~~~~ ** ~~~~~~~
Chapter 6
    Abraham Miller took a deep breath and stepped
outside the front door of the inn. “I have never been
treated so abominably in my life. I have money to pay
for the services, how is it my money is not as good as
another man’s money?”
    Mrs Barkow stepped outside, playing her part in
the distraction. “My husband will be back in an hour.
Until then, I am in charge, and I say we do not want
the likes of you in our business. Your money is from
dishonorable work, and I will not sully our
establishment with your tainted, filthy money.”
    “You are a foolish

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