A Blind Eye: Book 1 in the Adam Kaminski Mystery Series

Free A Blind Eye: Book 1 in the Adam Kaminski Mystery Series by Jane Gorman

Book: A Blind Eye: Book 1 in the Adam Kaminski Mystery Series by Jane Gorman Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jane Gorman
you have shown works so well,” Kapral was saying in response to a question from Angela.
    Adam thought it was a somewhat aggressive question, challenging the high number of political parties active in Poland. A valid inquiry, but not an easy one to answer.
    Kapral addressed her with diplomacy and grace. “But there are still many different voices that must be heard in Poland. We were kept quiet for so long, you understand. Now is our opportunity to make some noise.”
    He pumped his arm as he spoke, like the master of a parade, and smiled engagingly.
    “But eventually,” Kapral continued, “soon, I hope, we will settle into two, three or four major parties. Then we will be more in line with the US or the UK. I am confident of that.”
    Watching Kapral’s eyes, Adam thought he recognized the same raw ambition he’d seen before on the streets of Philadelphia. He shuddered, but he knew the drill. He tried to put on what he thought was his most engaging smile. Kapral glanced at him with a questioning look and he reverted to a normal expression.
    “I can tell you have high expectations of Poland’s future. Does that include the next generation? Do you know much about who Poland’s future political leaders will be?” Jared asked the next question.
    Adam saw Angela glance at him out of the corner of his eye, but he avoided making eye contact.
    “Ah, of course. Our future is bright because of these young people.” Kapral smiled once again. “Many of us here in the Sejm encourage young people to be interested in politics. We meet with them at their schools, we help them find work here in our offices. It is important we support these young men and women today, so they can lead us tomorrow.”
    He inclined his head toward Sylvia. “And we encourage our staff always to look for ways of improving themselves, better educating themselves. For we are all students, in a way, are we not?”
    “Do you have many young people on your staff?” Adam asked, as an image of Basia Kaminski floating in the Wisła came unbidden to mind.
    “I have a few, yes…”
    “How do you select…” Angela and Kapral spoke at the same time, then both paused and laughed.
    “I’m sorry,” Angela said, “please, go ahead.”
    “No, Pani , please, I am interested to hear your question.” Kapral invited her to continue.
    “I was just going to ask how you select your staff. It must be very competitive, I’m sure. Does each office hire its own, or does the Sejm as a whole offer internships?”
    Adam had been watching Angela as she asked her question and only turned to look at Kapral as she finished, so he almost missed the flicker of annoyance that crossed Kapral’s face. It came and went in the blink of an eye, replaced by Kapral’s easy smile once again. But Adam had seen it, he was sure.
    “That is an individual decision, Pani Tarallo. I cannot speak for the Sejm in answering that question. We all have reasons for the choices we make.”
    Angela frowned and looked as if she were about to say more when a light tap on the door interrupted them.
    Without waiting for a response, a young man entered the office. Adam tensed when he recognized him as the man who had intervened in the scene with Łukasz earlier. The man nodded to the group, but didn’t speak to them. Instead, he leaned over Kapral, saying something in rapid Polish.
    Kapral leaned back, tipping away from the young man but still listening intently to what he was saying. The rest of the group looked on in interest without understanding anything.
    Finally, the young man stood and stepped away from the desk. Adam was expecting some sort of explanation, as Sylvia had graciously translated every interaction for them in their other meetings. Instead, Kapral simply nodded subtly at Malak.
    Sylvia leaned toward the young man, as if to speak, but their eyes met and she stayed silent.
    Adam felt the slight toward Sylvia as if he had been slapped. His face grew warm and his grip tightened on

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