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Authors: Jessica Wilde
me for the first few
minutes of our session. He talked about safety issues and procedures that his
staff would have to abide by should anything happen that would be a risk to
myself or anyone around me. He obviously was a fan of my old chart from The
Facility. Benny always said that thing would follow me around for the rest of
my life and eventually would end up in People magazine or be published into
some kind of crazy novel for people to drool over. I had finally walked out of
the room when she asked me to promise to sign her copy before signing anyone
else's because it would be worth more that way.
    God, I missed her.
    "Let's begin then, shall we?"
    He always spoke so formally and it made me feel like I
needed to be sarcastic, but I resisted the urge.
    "Okay," I replied.
    "Are you comfortable, Ms. Marshall?" he asked
    "Alright, just like we did on Monday, I want you to
settle in and take 3 deep breaths when you are most comfortable."
    I relaxed my muscles beginning with my toes and moving up my
body until my neck was no longer holding my head up and I sank into the plush
leather of the chair. He spoke for a few seconds, directing me into a deepened
relaxed state. The last thought I remember was how I wish I could do this to
myself at night and just block everything else out. Then I thought that might
not be a good idea since I got my best thinking done while lying in bed staring
at the ceiling. Then I thought about the things I thought about while lying in
my bed and how strange it was being back in the home I grew up in and
everything that happened as I grew up in that house…and I started to feel that
disconnection I hated.
    Next thing I know, I'm opening my eyes to a couple guys
holding me down in the chair and Dr. Geoffrey inches away from sticking a
needle in my arm.
    "It's me, Doctor! It's Tessa!" I said like I was
pleading for my life.
    He paused and studied my eyes before nodding at the guys
still pinning me down and taking a step back. "Well, then we have a few
things we need to discuss." He handed off the syringe and ran a shaky hand
through his hair. He was always so controlled, so the slip surprised me.
    I shook the surprise away and reminded myself that he was
the professional who was going to help me through this, but he was still just a
man. A human being who probably had seen a lot in his years, but who could
still be a little shaken. Disturbed. Maybe even shocked. "Hit me with it.
What happened?" I rubbed my forearms and saw the red marks from one of the
guy's fingers. That's gonna bruise.
    "I met Camryn."
    My head snapped up, bruises forgotten, "And?"
    "She is very… I don't know the word," he said and
rubbed the back of his neck. I hadn't ever seen him be anything but proper and
formal. He always knew how to describe everything with words I had to look up
when I got home.
    "Creepy? Bitchy? Maybe even a little psychotic?" I
supplied. "Those words seem to be the ones used the most."
    "I would say she was more unpredictable. She seems to
enjoy making other people squirm before she decides to lash out. She doesn't seem
to be very agreeable either. We will have to find a different way to ask her
about her needs and make her feel safe to see if we can get her to work with
us," he stated and reached into his shirt pocket, pulling out his
prescription pad. He scribbled something and tore off the small square of paper
and handed it to me.
    "What's this?" I couldn't make out any of the
letters he had written down. Typical.
    "I think it would be a good idea to take it easy for
the remainder of the day," he said quietly and moved behind his desk.
"I attempted to get you out of the hypnosis, but she took over
    "You want me to spend the rest of the day drugged up?
Is this some kind of sedative?" My tone was angry, incredulous. When he
made eye contact with me, I immediately regretted getting so upset. He had
obviously just experienced something rare and a little frightening by the

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