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do a thing for him.”
    â€œFigures,” Danny mumbled.
    â€œAnd I can’t get him out,” Diane said. “I don’t have a dime.”
    â€œMe either,” Danny told her.
    The violin music grew louder. It seemed to surround Diane. She turned away, stepping into the tiny half-kitchen, trying unsuccessfully to escape from it.
    â€œWhat about tomorrow?” Danny asked in a low voice. “You know, grabbing the girl.”
    â€œI don’t know,” Diane said, uttering another sigh. “It’s such a good idea. And now we can use the money more than ever.”
    Danny cleared his throat again. “Well, how aboutwe do it without Pres? You know. Just you and me.”
    â€œI guess we could,” Diane replied, rubbing her temples. Her hands were cold as ice.
    â€œI’ll hide in the stockroom, just like we planned,” Danny offered. “And you can drive. You know. Pull up to the loading dock. Keep the engine running. Everything the same. We can do it, Diane. We don’t need the stupid jerk.”
    â€œYeah. Okay. I guess.” The violin music was driving Diane insane. “Let’s do it, Danny. And no slipups this time.”
    â€œYeah. Right,” Danny agreed quickly. “No slipups. I told you, I got my headache back. I can’t put up with any slipups. Know what I mean?”
    Diane felt a chill run down her back as she hung up the receiver. Danny is so unpredictable, so crazy, she thought, not moving away from the wall. When he loses control, he can be really dangerous.
    No slipups, she thought.
    No slipups.
    Maybe bringing Danny into this was a mistake, she thought with a shudder. Maybe it was a big mistake.

Chapter 15

    D iane eased the car over a speed bump and headed slowly around to the back of Dalby’s Department Store. The engine rumbled loudly, making a churning sound that echoed the churning in Diane’s stomach.
    It has to go right this time, she thought, gripping the wheel tightly. It has to. The third time is the charm.
    But there were so many things that could go wrong.
    What if the car stalled?
    What if a security guard saw her parked at a loading dock?
    What if Reva didn’t show up for her stockroom duties?
    What if Danny lost it? What if something got him angry and he exploded? It wouldn’t be the first time, Diane thought with a shudder.
    She tried to force these questions from her mind, but they kept coming back. Think positive, she kept telling herself.
    But she was too nervous to think positive.
    Her hands were cold and clammy on the wheel. Her chin was quivering.
    Stay cool, Diane. Stay cool. She tried talking herself out of her fear.
    When she thought of Pres, sitting in the detention center downtown, her fear turned to anger. How could he do this to Danny and me? she asked herself, biting her lower lip until she tasted blood. How could he leave Danny and me to do all the work?
    When Pres comes out, he’ll expect his share of the million dollars, Diane thought bitterly. Well, we’ll just have to see about that. . . .
    It was a bleak gray afternoon. It had snowed the night before, but most of it had melted. A few white clumps dotted the area behind the store.
    The old Plymouth let out a choked sound, like a cough. Diane eased the car through a wide, open gate, and the loading area came into view.
    Three concrete platforms jutted out from the back of the store. They led to roll-up garage-style doors, all three of which were open. Behind the doors stretched the store’s enormous stockroom.
    A large yellow truck was backed up to the farthest loading platform. A blue-uniformed driverwas closing up the back. Diane could make out the words HOME FURNISHINGS WITH STYLE in red script across the side.
    The other two platforms were vacant. Diane searched for security guards, but couldn’t see any.
    Her heart pounding, she pulled the car up to the middle platform and shifted into

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