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Authors: Scarlet Black
Tags: Romance, Vampires
Jennifer approximated to be about 50 people. Most had on all sorts of elaborate masks.
    “Holy shit,” whispered Julie. “This is Baccarat Crystal.” She held up the glass of champagne and twirled it lightly in her hands, watching it catch the light. “So beautiful,” she murmured. “These guys spare no expense.”
    Ian excused himself and left , promising to return. He was obviously the one in charge here. He was the one giving orders to various men and women, all of whom were extremely good looking. Exotic, that was the word that best described them , thought Jennifer as she watched them move gracefully across the floor and greet new comers.
    Ian came back and steered them toward the wall of masks. He told them to choose one each.
    Jennifer was in awe of the Victorian masks with their intricate stitching and embossed designs. She chose a pale silver shimmery one, which held a subtle hint of red. Julie chose a jet black feathery mask.
    They put them on and stood on the sidelines with many others, drinking and watching as the music played and couples moved onto the dance floor. The songs were slow and sensual and not too loud. One didn’t have to yell to be heard.
    “Are you glad you came?” Julie asked.
    “Actually I am.” Jennifer’s eyes scanned the room, noting the beauty of the so called “vampires” who, although light skinned, didn’t look like creatures of the night. Hell, her boss was paler than these people.
    “Lots of eye candy here, that’s for sure. I hope that guy Ian asks me to dance. I think he’s hot!”
    “Yeah he’s cute,” Jennifer answered offhandedly. She was searching the room for Dorian Taylor.
    The doors were now closed and still the man was no-where to be seen. An hour went by. The drinks flowed, the dancers covered the floor, and every now and then, Jennifer saw a couple slip away into one of the private rooms.
    Ian came over and asked Julie to dance, leaving Jennifer standing awkwardly by herself amongst a bunch of strangers. She clutched her champagne glass in both hands. As always, the picture of grace, she thought, releasing one hand from the glass and holding it like a lady, lifting her pinky finger each time she took a sip. She was now on her fourth drink and starting to feel the effects.
    When Ian came back with Julie, Jennifer surprised herself by asking him if Dorian Taylor would be coming tonight.
    Ian shook his head. “Not likely. He never comes to these dances . . .”
    A hush came over the room. Jennifer heard bits and pieces of whispered conversations.
               “Isn’t that Dorian Taylor?”
               “He never comes here.”
               “The guys a ghost, he hardly sees anyone outside of business.”
    And then, there he was, standing right beside Ian, right in front of her. All eyes in that room seemed to be on him and her. He didn’t seem to notice or care.
    “Mr. Taylor! What a nice surprise. This young lady was just asking about you.”
    “Oh? Have you now?” Dorian raised his eyebrows in obvious amusement, his lips turned up at one corner in a crooked and utterly charming half-smile. 
    He was the only one in the room who didn’t have a mask on. His voice was soft, confident and laced with a British accent. Very sexy, as matter of fact everything about Dorian Taylor exuded sensuality. He’s drop dead gorgeous, thought Jennifer.
    “May I introduce Miss Jennifer Reese? And this is her friend Miss Julie Anderson,” Ian said.
    “It’s nice to meet you both.” Dorian Taylor took each of their hands and shook them lightly.
    His hand lingered on Jennifer’s and she felt his fingers move up and down her palm in a soft caress. His eyes were full on her; icy blue and beyond beautiful. They flickered in the light, revealing that hint of cruelty she’d noticed in his profile picture. In person, they were all the more hypnotic, the kind that drew you in and kept you there. Jennifer was completely mesmerized by

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