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Free Seti's Heart by Kiernan Kelly

Book: Seti's Heart by Kiernan Kelly Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kiernan Kelly
Tags: Gay & Lesbian
from his coat pocket, emptying a small white tablet onto his palm. Placing it under his tongue, he forced himself to relax and let the nitroglycerin work.

    Perry slid the bottom drawer of his desk open, taking out a legal pad and an envelope.

    It was only a matter of time before Seti would be found, and Logan with him. Unfortunately, Perry now realized that Ethan only needed Seti, and no one else.

    Not even Perry.

    He’d been a fool to believe that Ethan would allow him to share in whatever miracle Seti’s blood had to offer. If his physical ailments didn’t kill him, he could be certain that Ethan would.

    Removing his pen from his breast pocket, Dr. Lincoln Perry began the last letter he would ever write.


    Ethan hung up the phone, swiveling in his chair to look out of the window of his penthouse office at the city that sprawled at his feet.

    He’d spent years trafficking on the black market at great personal peril, using his gains to set up bank accounts in Switzerland, offshore in the Bahamas, and a few fat ones right here in the States under dummy corporations. His plan was much simpler than his convoluted bank accounts. As soon as Seti was revived, he was going to drain him of every last ounce of his blood, dissect him under a microscope, and do anything and everything in his considerable power to isolate whatever it was that made Seti immortal. And then Ethan was going to use his findings to cheat death forever.

    Of course, the other four members of his group thought the same thing, but Ethan knew that they could never be trusted to keep secret their findings. He planned on killing them all once they were no longer needed.

    As a matter of fact, with only a month to go until D-Day, he’d already sent a couple of men down to Florida to see that Petrovski, Roman, and Hill didn’t live long enough to collect their next social security checks.

    He’d thought to allow Perry to live a while longer. Ethan needed him to keep watch over Seti’s sarcophagus, but had decided that the moment the lid cracked open, Perry would be as dead as any of the fossils in the Museum.

    Now, all of Ethan’s carefully laid plans were at risk because of some idiotic, meddling graduate student who’d managed somehow to wake Seti and had spirited him away from the Museum.

    Damn it! Well, one thing was for certain. He didn’t need Perry anymore.

    He picked up the phone and placed two brief calls. One to a man who owed Ethan a favor or two - a man with tissue-thin morals and a very big gun.

    The other call was to a private detective agency that Ethan had dealt with on numerous occasions. Discreet and trustworthy, willing to bend the law when necessary, he put them on the trail of Logan Ashton and his new friend, Seti.

  Chapter Seven

    “If you’re selling Girl Scout cookies or want to recruit me for the neighborhood watch program, be warned that I have a very short temper and a very big Louisville Slugger.”

    “Jason! It’s Logan! Buzz us in!” Logan said, when Jason’s sleepy, irritated voice sounded on the apartment building’s intercom.

    “Since when is there more than one of you?”

    “Just press the freakin’ buzzer, Jase!” Logan said, even as memories of their first meeting replayed themselves in his head and heart.

    Jason had been Logan’s college roommate, and the first to suspect Logan’s proclivities. At the time Logan had been out to himself but to no one else. Jason helped him feel comfortable in his own skin, shown him that Logan needed no one’s approval.

    He remembered what happened moments after outing himself to Jason. One minute Logan had been laying on his bed trying futilely to memorize the human reproductive system, worrying about how his confession was going to change his relationship with his roommate, and the next he’d been flat on his back receiving his first ever blow job from a man. He returned the favor, hesitantly, unsure of himself, but quickly growing more confident.

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