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Authors: Anita Cox
circle before wagging its tail. “We have a mate!”

    It was the big evening. A new Lycan was being introduced to Grace—yet another pack member she was just meeting.
    Carissa, the Lycan beautician was rolling large sections of Grace’s already wavy hair into large rollers and securing them to her head.
    “This is great hair you have, Grace. It’s very healthy.” She smiled as she combed through another section. “I’d love to see your wolf. What color are you?”
    “Uh, I’m silver with black markings around my face and neck.” That was the first time anyone had really asked about her wolf. She felt guilty for the description. It just didn’t do her wolf any justice.
    “Whoa. Dial down the eyes!” She took a step back.
    Grace looked in the mirror to see her eyes glowing again. It was only the second time it had happened. It’s not that the violet color was unattractive, she just had no control.
    “Why do they do that?”
    “Well, you’re either angry or horny…something really emotional.” Carissa stepped back to look Grace in the eye. “You really didn’t know?”
    Grace shook her head.
    “What were you feeling? Just then, I mean.”
    “Guilty for not describing my wolf better than silver with black marks. She’s really beautiful.”
    “She?” The Lycan beautician tossed her brush on the bathroom counter. “You mean to say, I.”
    Blushing, she said, “Sorry, I’m still getting used to the pronouns here.”
    Carissa shook her head. “Man. That’s fucked up. I can’t imagine how fucked up this must feel for you.”
    Grace sized the woman up. What is your point?
    She waved her finger at Grace. “Shift.”
    “Excuse me?”
    “Shift into your wolf. Let me take a look.”
    “But the hair?”
    Carissa smiled. “Just don’t forget you have rollers in and you’ll be fine. Just shift already.”
    Grace stood from the chair and shifted into wolf form.
    “Shit. You are beautiful as wolf too. Your fur isn’t just a silver color. It looks like actual silver. It’s very shiny and full.” Carissa reached into her giant black bag and pulled out a different brush—a wired one. She started brushing her.
    She flinched at first.
    “Don’t worry, hon. Lycan women have me tend to their wolves all of the time. When you have a mate you can ask them to do it for you, if it feels too intimate.” She continued brushing. “Damn nice fur! I’m jealous.”
    She tilted her head and studied the woman. She seemed genuine enough. She was being nice.
    Then her vision went foggy and pictures flashed before her eyes. Not again! A woman standing in red robes was saying a blessing over a baby. It was long ago, 18 th century from her best guess. Then more images of castles, buggies, bowlers all within seconds. She closed her eyes and reopened them to find the visions gone.
    “All done, go ahead and shift back so I can get your face put on.” She smiled as she cleaned the fur from the brush.
    “Those were very nice things you said.” On returning to her chair she tried to concentrate on the images. What did they mean?
    Carissa smiled. “Just the truth. You have a beautiful wolf. Mine sort of looks just like me. Fur is black, sort of shiny looking. It’s slick. I like it. But I wouldn’t call it beautiful. Not like yours.”
    She was at a loss for words. She had no idea the women would feel conscientious about their wolves as well as their human forms. It made sense…in a way.
    “Are you coming to the party tonight?”
    “You bet your sweet princess ass! I wouldn’t miss a good vamp party. Got piss-faced drunk last time and as you well know, that’s not easy for a Lycan.” She held a sponge by Grace’s face. “Now close your eyes.”
    Grace did as she asked. “Can I ask you a personal question?”
    “I’m an open book. Ask away.”
    “I—er, I noticed you don’t have a bonding mark.” Grace suddenly felt thankful Carissa was applying a thick foundation to her face to hide the

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