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Authors: Michelle Marquis
Tags: Paranormal/Vampire
    He glided his lips down to her throat and nibbled at the soft flesh. Andrea’s body was tense and hard as stone.
    “I would never forgive you.”
    “It would change you so much. You would forgive me in time.”
    She ran her trembling fingers through his hair. “Mikel, don’t.”
    “Why not? It would solve several problems. You would be able to have your freedom and we could be together as equals.”
    “No, I don’t want to be anything but human.”
    His nostrils flared taking in her rich, perfumed scent. The beast in his heart was taking over his will. Darkness filled him. He wanted to devour and destroy her and in the same moment, make her his dark bride. “How do you know you would hate it? Just think, my darling, I am offering you immortality. Think of all the good you could do to help your fellow humans as a vampire mistress.”
    It was the hunger talking now. He’d lost all ability to think through the things he was offering. Somewhere in the back of his mind he knew this was a mistake. Turning Andrea would definitely bring punishment from the Council but right now he didn’t care. All he wanted was for them to be together in the most intimate way possible.
    Andrea pulled back to look into his face. She touched his cheek and gave him a fragile smile. “I’m so confused.”
    “Let me do this and everything will become clear.” A voice inside him was telling him to stop, think, but he silenced it. He loved her. This was a way they could be together as equals. That was all that mattered.
    She relaxed a little and leaned her head back exposing delicate tendons and two gorgeous bulging arteries. Mikel was overwhelmed. Never in his life had he wanted a woman like he wanted her now. They would be together forever. She would be his forever.
    “Are you sure?” he said in a breathy whisper.
    “You’re right. It’s the only way I’d be powerful enough to do some good. I’m sure, Mikel. I’m very, very sure.”
    If he’d stopped to think, those words should have given him pause. But they didn’t. He was inches from having everything he thought he ever wanted. And in a moment of complete insanity, he took the plunge.
    Chapter 14
    Andrea had never wanted to be a vampire. But faced with being a prisoner for the rest of her life she would endure it. The added bonus was that she would be in a much better position to help other humans if she was a vampire rather than a fellow mortal. It wasn’t a very good plan, but at the moment, it was the only one she had. Two sharp pricks pained her neck and then withdrew.
    “What? What is it?” she asked in a breathy voice.
    Mikel pulled back and shook his head. “This is wrong, Andrea. Your taking should be a well thought-out exercise, not like this. This seems rushed. I wonder if you’ve really considered what this new existence could mean.”
    There was no other way. Andrea knew that now. She had to be completely honest with him if there was any hope of living a decent fulfilling life. “This option is the only one I have. I want you to do it so we can be equals, Mikel. I also want you to do it so I can help my people without worrying that I might become someone’s lunch or sex slave. This is the only logical way.”
    He stared into her eyes and her desire for him roared through her soul. This was the answer. She wanted all of him: his bite, his rage, and especially his sex. She accepted all and was able to embrace it.
    His blue eyes seemed to be searching for doubt. “The change can be very hard at first. You’ll feel different. You may not feel the same about humans after the change. What if this changes you in ways you dislike?”
    Andrea turned away from him and walked over to the window. Night was coming and the city was getting busier. She appreciated what Mikel was trying to warn her about but she already knew. It was a definite risk. “I know I’m unhappy this way. I hate feeling powerless and at the mercy of every

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