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Authors: Melody Carlson
    “As long as your parents agree, I see no reason you can’t stay until tomorrow,” said Janna.
    “Okay.” Carlie sighed.
    “So are we ready to go then?” asked Janna.
    Carlie glanced uneasily at the receptionist area now. “Do I need to give them some information or something …”
    “I already gave them your medical form,” said Janna. “Now I see why it was important to have that along — like if you had any allergies to medications or anything.”
    “I meant about the bill and how we pay for it,” said Carlie quietly. “I mean, we don’t have any insurance, but I know that —”
    “Oh, don’t worry about that. It’s all taken care of already,” said Janna.
    “The insurance part I mean.”
    “Insurance?” Carlie looked curiously at Janna.
    “It was part of the ski-trip package. The church insisted on it. No way were we taking a bunch of novice skiers up here without an insurance package. You’re totally covered, Carlie.”
    Carlie smiled. “Cool.”
    As they drove back to the lodge, Carlie admitted to Janna that she’d been pretty much freaking over the insurance thing. “I thought for sure my parents would be stuck with some humungous bill.”
    “I wish I’d known you were so worried. I would’ve told you sooner.” Janna turned and smiled at Carlie as she waited for the traffic light to change. “I’m sorry you broke your arm, but I have to admit it’s been fun getting to know you better, Carlie. You’re a really cool girl.”
    “I already know Morgan and Emily pretty well from youth group. They are cool girls too.”
    “Yeah,” agreed Carlie. “They’re good friends.”
    “And I’ve heard about your club. I think that’s great. And it’s great that Morgan and Emily encouraged you girls to come on the ski trip. I haven’t really gotten to know Chelsea and Amy too well, but they seem nice.”
    “They’re nice … but they’ve gotten a little boy crazy lately.”
    Janna laughed. “That’s a funny thing about these trips. A lot of girls your age do get a little boy crazy. Then they go back home and kind of go back to their normal-selves.”
    “Really?” Carlie felt hopeful.
    “Yeah. I’ve seen it a lot.”
    Then Carlie told Janna about how Chelsea had been kind of competitive with her. And how she thought it was because Chelsea liked Enrico … and how Enrico seemed to like Carlie better.
    “That makes perfect sense,” said Janna.
    “And I think Enrico is okay, for a boy anyway, but I don’t want him for a boyfriend.”
    Janna chuckled. “Well, it sounds like you’ve got a good head on your shoulders, Carlie. I happen to think that all you girls are way too young for boyfriends. In fact, that is exactly what I planned to talk about in cabin time tonight.”
    “Cool. I hope I get to stay for it.”
    “Well, get the okay from your parents, and you can.”

chapter nine
    Morgan and Emily were in the parking lot when Janna and Carlie pulled up. They waved and ran over to meet them.
    “How are you?” asked Morgan as she carefully hugged Carlie.
    “Better,” said Carlie with a real smile.
    Then Emily hugged her. “We were praying for you.”
    “Thanks. It went really well.”
    “Do you have to go home?” asked Morgan with a frown.
    “She’s got to call her parents,” said Janna as she handed Carlie her cell phone. “If they give her permission, she can stay until tomorrow.”
    Morgan and Emily cheered, and Carlie cautiously dialed her home number. It was after two, and chances were her mom was home by now. Unless she was at Tia Maria’s, and in that case, Carlie would have to try there. But Mom answered on the second ring, and Carlie quickly told her about her little accident, going straight to the insurance situation and how there were no money worries.
    “But your arm,” said Mom. “Doesn’t it hurt a lot?”
    “No, it’s feeling okay now. I’m fine, really.”
    “Oh, poor mija.

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