Spiked Lemonade: A Bad Boy Sailor and a Good Girl Romantic Comedy Standalone

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Book: Spiked Lemonade: A Bad Boy Sailor and a Good Girl Romantic Comedy Standalone by Shari J. Ryan Read Free Book Online
Authors: Shari J. Ryan
know much about Cali’s dad, but the guy is a wanted man and there were a lot of people who would do just about anything to find him.”
    “Jesus, man. That fucking sucks,” I say.
    “Yeah, man, I mean we did have a period of time where things settled down for a bit, but unfortunately, this stuff won’t ever be truly settled in our lives. It just seems like there will always be someone after him and therefore, us, t0o.” Tango pauses and releases a sigh of frustration. “It’s a lot, and we do our best to live a safe life, but anyone who is a part of our lives needs to be protected. I have a daughter now and I’ll do whatever is needed to keep her away from any possible trouble. Sasha was used as bait with Landon, so she’s just another extension of our situation now.”
    A lot of this shit has my head spinning. I’m still not sure I’m following Cali’s whole background story but I know they’ve been hiding out for a reason and with the relationship Tango and I have had, we don’t ask unless the information is offered. I’m trying to keep it that way, but there are so many holes in his explanations that I just feel lost. “I hear ya, man.”
    “Look, all joking aside. I could use a little help keeping an eye on Sasha. I heard what you were saying to her in the living room earlier and that might be the best possible situation if you could crash on her couch for a while. I know she doesn’t want to bunk with Cali and me anymore and at the end of the day, I can’t stop her from doing much, so whatever you can do to help with this, would mean a lot to me.”
    “Have you maybe noticed how stubborn that little Southern belle is?” I ask him. “You think I have any chance of convincing her to do anything she doesn’t want to do?”
    “Dude, we all know you can make any chick fall in love with you…get on it.” It’s funny to think Tango has this image of me in his head. Chicks aren’t falling all over me; they never have been. It’s been Tango who had girls tripping to introduce themselves and their tits to him. I’ve just been the beefy wingman…well, with the exception of late night bar escapades where the chicks are all at least half wasted.
    “No promises. I gave her the offer so we’ll see what she decides to do,” I tell him.
    “Well, I’ll have Cali get on her case about it. My girl is pretty damn convincing when need be.”
    “We all know, man. Dude…do y’all have any idea how thin your damn walls are? And do you ever consider what Tyler thinks is going on in your bedroom every night?”
    “We have a white noise machine in her room. She doesn’t hear us,” Tango argues.
    “And I suppose the rattling of your house is the soothing vibration that keeps her asleep?” I add with laughter.
    “Dude, see, you got it! Take note for your future. We’ve got this whole parenting thing down to a science.”
    “Tango, man, your daughter told me if I moved her doll while she was sleeping, I’d wake up without an arm in the morning…just putting that out there.”
    “No shit?” Tango laughs. “That’s my girl.”
    “She’s five. I don’t know, maybe she should be playing with her dolls or some shit…not threatening to tear a limb off a grown man in his sleep.”
    “No one is going to mess with my little girl,” Tango argues. “You’ll see…you’ll have a son or daughter someday and you’ll want them to know how to defend themselves.” While this conversation is funny, it’s a little sad too. Tango lives his life in fear. Always has. Probably always will.
    We step out of the truck and start walking across the empty lot over to the group of men hovering around a pile of lumber. “I may have a job starting tomorrow, by the way,” I tell Tango. I know he was short staffed here today but I don’t want him depending on me for more time this week.
    “No shit? Where at?” he asks, stopping in his step.
    “Just an auto body shop downtown. This chick I met runs the place and

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