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over this,” he spoke then helped me in my car. “You didn’t see any of it. As far as you’re concerned, it never happened. Now, go to the studio and get yourself together before you go home. I’ve got some cleaning up to do. Don’t look so shocked. I’ve shown and proved to you before that I take care of mine.”
    When he spoke those words, any and everything else that clouded my mind disappeared. “What did you say?” I asked, needing confirmation.
    His? I questioned to myself. What did he mean by that? Was that his way of telling me that he loved me?
    “I don’t do shit like this just for anyone, Niquole. Like I told you inside, I protect mine,” Kingston said then blew me a kiss with those LL Cool J lips. “Niquole, get rid of the jacket,” he ordered before walking back inside the garage.
    Why am I not calling the cops ? I questioned myself. Better yet, why am I not crying ? Even worse than that, why is the shock quickly wearing off of my body? I knew why. He and I were connected in more ways than one.
    As I drove to the studio, my phone rang. I didn’t want to answer it because I was still thinking about what Kingston had just done and said to me. However, whoever was calling was adamant about reaching me because the phone kept ringing. I snatched it off the passenger seat and answered the call.
    “Have you lost your fucking mind? I’m happy that I just ran up the street to CVS for my damn cigarettes!” Germaine screamed into the phone nearly bursting my eardrum. “I hope whatever it is you’re doing is fucking important!” he continued.
    “I don’t have time for this, Germaine. What are you talking about?”
    “You left the damn kids in the fucking house by themselves! John John was screaming to the top his lungs when I got back!”
    “Oh my God! I thought you took them with you!” I spoke frantically.
    “How in the hell could you have thought that? You didn’t even bother to check! I told you I was running to the store, but I guess you were too busy on the fucking phone to hear that part!”
    “You always have them so I didn’t think this time was any different.”
    “Well, you thought wrong. Next time check before you jump to conclusions! What kind of fucking mother are you?” Germaine asked.
    He hung up. Seconds later, my phone rang again. It was my mother. “What do you want?” I answered.
    “Why in the hell did you leave the boys at home by themselves? What in the hell were you doing that made you forget them?”
    “None of your fucking business!”
    Click. I turned the phone off. That incident alone was a sure sign that I was in over my head with Kingston

    “Niquole, your lunch is here,” Meagan said through the speakerphone. She’d interrupted my thoughts of Kingston’s actions just two days before.
    “Okay. Bring it in,” I replied back.
    “What did you order today? It smells good,” Meagan said when she stepped inside my office seconds later.
    “For some reason, I’ve got this craving for Chinese food,” I replied.
    “You’re not pregnant are you?”
    I looked up at the blonde, wannabe black chic and frowned. “Girl, if something creeps inside of me right now, the only people who will know about it are me, the doctor and God,” I laughed. She joined in on the laughter. “You can have some if you’d like. I’m sure there’s more than enough,” I said admiring the red, purple and black maxi dress and stiletto heels that added four inches to her five-foot-six frame. “I’ve got some sesame chicken, shrimp and cabbage, a few fried wontons and egg rolls,” I listed, then skimmed through the bag as if I’d forgotten what I ordered.
    “That sounds like a meal for four,” Meagan said. “Are you expecting company?”
    “If I were expecting company, do you think I would’ve offered you any of the food?” I joked. “Whatever I don’t eat is going home to John John. He loves Chinese food. Do you want any?”
    “Thanks, but no thanks,” she

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