Sand and Sin

Free Sand and Sin by Dani Jace

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Authors: Dani Jace
never finished telling me about your visit with TJ this morning?” Would he change the subject again, or had she earned some of his trust?
    He drummed his fingers on the table. “The CO of the team here in Little Creek has been checking up on me.”
    “Oh. Are you in trouble?” She shifted in her seat.
    He let out a long breath. “The opposite. He’s trying to recruit.” He rolled the ice around in his glass and frowned. “TJ had a hand in it.” A storm swirled in his dark gaze.
    Peri decided she never wanted to be on the receiving end of that look. “Sorry, I guess he put you in a bad situation.”
    “He’s just trying to help my career.” He crunched on a piece of ice.
    TJ might want to work with Jax again. SEALS wanted to be among the best and most trusted of their brethren. She laid hand on his arm. “And get you to the East Coast?”
    “Is he mad you’re taking a trip with a mystery woman and not bromancing with him?” TJ had been in a relationship for a while. She’d even met Amy and didn’t believe TJ would want anything but the best for Jax.
    “I won’t say what he said because it was crude. But no, he’s happy I’m enjoying my time here and on the mend.” He took her hand and caressed her fingers with gentle lips. His kiss reminded her how caring he could be. Warrior one second, lover the next.
    The contrast drove her to naughtiness. She leaned toward him, reached under the table, and ran her fingers along the hard length of his thigh. “Good to know. And you did look in prime form during your rescue.”
    “I still enjoy your kind of physical therapy, Angel.”
    She loved hearing those words. “Whatever you need, sailor.”
    * * * *
    He’d forgotten about his injury while swimming out to save Patrick. Why hadn’t the Navy just released him to his team? Now, instead of a friendly visit with an old friend, he’d begun an affair he couldn’t end without hurting the sexy woman who’d taken him home like a stray.
    After dinner, Peri suggested they visit Jeannette’s Pier. Jax gazed over the railing at the ocean, wishing he hadn’t mentioned his disagreement with TJ. He and Peri were friendly and she’d continue to see his friend at the Trident after he left. Looking back, he should have waited for a flight home. He’d have avoided TJ’s commanding officer and the woman making his compass spin like he was in the Bermuda Triangle.
    Her light hair contrasted against her little black dress. He’d begged her to forgo the silky panties, but she wouldn’t be pushed to the extreme yet.
    “Do you fish?” Jeannette’s Pier reminded him of the smaller piers in California. During his quick study of the Outer Banks during Peri’s nap, he learned it was the only concrete fishing pier on the long chain barrier islands.
    “I like to troll.” She bumped her hip against his.
    Oh, yeah. She’d hooked him with her wide, dreamy eyes, and then reeled him in with her wit.
    A beautiful woman he could stand toe-to-toe with. He clasped her shoulder. “You feeling a tug on your line?”
    She softened against him.
    “I’m sure it’s a strike, but he’s a smart one. He’ll snag the bait off my line and be lost into the deep before I can reel him in.” She let out a long breath and twirled a curl in her fingers.
    “Cast a net and confuse him.”
    “Looks like some others might be doing that for me.” She rolled her lips into a sad smile. “Are you going to tell TJ about us?”
    Jax drew his head back indignantly. “Angel, I’d never out you. And I know you’re only seeing me because I’m not a regular at the Trident.”
    “It’s not the only reason, Chief, and you know it.” She slid her arms around his waist.
    One of the older fishermen whistled. “That’s some catch, son.”
    “Yes, sir. She’s definitely citation.” In fisherman’s lingo, a beauty of a fish and one you’d get a certificate for reeling in.
    The angler laughed and flung his line out into the water

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