Crotch Rocket: A Bad Boy Motorcycle Club Romance

Free Crotch Rocket: A Bad Boy Motorcycle Club Romance by Natasha Tanner, Amelia Clarke

Book: Crotch Rocket: A Bad Boy Motorcycle Club Romance by Natasha Tanner, Amelia Clarke Read Free Book Online
Authors: Natasha Tanner, Amelia Clarke
    “Hey, cut me a break, I thought you might have been referring to Lauren.”
    “Well, her too, but right now I’m talking about the motorcycle.”
    “I’ll treat her as if she were my own,” I said as I ran a hand down her tank.  “But I really do have to get going,” I continued trying to get him to hurry on his way to get the keys.
    “You better fix the goddamn wires,” he said as he ran back through the front door, his voice sounding muffled and far away.
    “Will do!”
    He returned a few seconds later, the keys in his outstretched hand.  “So you’re going alone then?”
    “I have to.”
    “You already look like shit.”
    “Believe me, I know.”
    “Good luck,” he said with a wave.  “I better see my bike again.”
    “Thanks,” I called out as I pulled away from his house.  I gunned the engine and skidded onto the main road.  I had one more stop before I could be on my way.  I couldn’t go into the Diablo’s clubhouse unarmed.  I had a gun at my house and I figured I could swing by and grab it and it would only take an extra five minutes.  While I hated the extra time, I knew that having a gun might be the difference between success and failure.  Certainly the Diablo’s would be armed and I couldn’t chance going in empty handed.
    I pulled up to my place, a tiny studio apartment in the bad part of town.  I left the engine running and hoped that no one would steal it in the few seconds I was inside.  I had been living in the studio for the last few years.  It was the best that I could afford.  My youthful misbehavior had kept me ineligible for most regular work so I’d had to support myself off of random jobs.  I wasn’t proud and would take almost anything so long as it paid.  In the last year I’d helped a few landscaping companies when men called in sick and did mechanic work when friends and acquaintances needed it.  The apartment might be small but it was all that I needed.  For years my mind had been set on booze and easy women, but now I could feel that all changing.  Talking to Lauren earlier had done something to me.  It had changed my perspective.  I glanced around my apartment and I imagined it how Lauren would view it.  It was small, messy, and no place for a girlfriend.  Sure, a quick lay was fine but this wasn’t the place you brought someone that you wanted to stick around.  My mind turned to Lauren on my bed.  I imagined her there, naked, sprawled out and waiting for me – begging for me to return to her, to fill her, to satiate her every desire.  Then reality struck hard, none of that could ever happen if I couldn’t get her back safely.  I rammed the gun down into my waistband and stormed back out to the crotch rocket.  I slammed the front door behind me and was back on its vibrating body within seconds.  It was time to go and get my girl.

Chapter 9 – The Club
    James walked into the main hall.  “Alright everyone, plan has changed,” he said as he clapped his hands together.  “Get your shit together now.  Get on your phones and call the guys that have left and tell them to get their asses back her pronto.  If they can’t get here within the next ten minutes they’re getting left behind.”
    Turning and looking around the yard he counted ten.  Ten men might be enough if they could catch the Diablo’s unprepared.  “Chris, you get the weapons and ammo?”
    “Yeah boss.  Got it all over here in the back of the van.”
    James nodded his head.  “Get it onto the table here.  Men, come around, help him unload and then gear up!” he called out loudly.  “Take plenty, we’re gonna fuck these assholes up,” he finished as he grabbed a couple of guns and slid them into the holsters on his chest.  Stepping up onto the seat of the table he grabbed a smaller gun and snapped it into his ankle holster.  He waited the ten minutes he had promised the men and then told them to line up their

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