Passion Blooms in Paris (Diary of a Free Woman)

Free Passion Blooms in Paris (Diary of a Free Woman) by Diane Thorne

Book: Passion Blooms in Paris (Diary of a Free Woman) by Diane Thorne Read Free Book Online
Authors: Diane Thorne
Tags: Erotic Romance Fiction
Her notebook slid from her large bag, taking with it a shirt, pair of red bikini panties and jeans. Seeing the lace trim of her panties ignited a rush of heat to her face. Dear lord. Her underwear was on display in front of the man who stirred her inner desire.
    The gorgeous man leant forward and snatched the tube of lip-gloss.
    Gwen crouched near his feet. “Oh my gosh. I’m so sorry.” She collected her purse and set it upright.
    “Accidents happen,” the dark-haired stranger said with a smile and handed her the lipstick.
    With her face burning as if she were on fire, she stared into his blue eyes and slipped into a hypnotic trance. The smooth tone of his voice along with curve of his lips captivated her. He possessed a seductive lure and the tranquil colour of his eyes strengthened it. The underwear she currently wore quickly dampened.
    “Thank you,” Gwen said as she collected the lipstick.
    “My pleasure.”
    As she tossed the tube in her purse, he reached for the items that had slipped out of her baggage. The red lace underwear lay partially exposed between the shirt and folded jeans. He picked up her notebook with the folded clothes on top. The shirt slid from the pile and her bikini panties became available for all to see.
    “I’ll take those.” She quickly took the items from his hand, but in her haste, the underwear fell to the floor, on top of her shirt.
    Shit. Could she be any more embarrassed?
    “These are sexy.” He rubbed his fingers over her red panties as she shoved her notebook and jeans into her bag. “I bet you look nice in them.”
    His soft voice sent tingles skating through her body. “Yes. I…uh…yes.” Those few words were the only ones that came to mind as she gathered the underwear and shirt.
    “A beautiful woman should always wear sexy underwear.”
    Again, his soft voice roused a need buried deep within her. Years had passed since the last time she’d had sex with a man. She’d focused on taking care of and supporting her children. To quench her desires she turned to her trusty vibrator. Although it had satisfied her enough, she longed to have a real cock fill her again, slide deep and bring her multiple orgasms. Yes, she couldn’t wait for that day.
    Avoiding his gaze, she stuffed the items in her bag and stood. “Thank you.”
    She glanced over her shoulder to find the blonde stowing her luggage in the overhead compartment. Finally, Gwen could pass by to get to her seat.
    “It’s a long flight,” said the man who roused her carnal appetite.
    She looked at him and found him holding a small business card between his fingers.
    “If you’d welcome conversation, please send me a message.” He dropped the card into her bag.
    Gwen’s tongue decided not to move. She didn’t know what to say. The sexiest man she’d seen in a long time had touched a pair of her underwear, called her a beautiful woman and given her his calling card. What kind of appropriate response could she give?
    Holding her purse in one hand and the heavy bag in the other, she smiled and said, “Thank you. I will.”
    He gave her a wide smile and her inner woman cheered. Men typically didn’t hit on Gwen, nor did she pursue them since she’d focused her priorities on her children. But she was free now and on vacation. Time to live a little and make the most out of life. Time to give up the vibrator for a real cock. With joy and desire coursing through her veins, she passed behind the blonde and proceeded down the aisle and away from the first class section.
    Gwen stopped at row sixteen with the empty seat at the end. An older couple, both with white hair occupied the other two seats. The woman wore gold loop earrings and pastel coloured clothes. Sitting near the window, the man had dressed in a light-blue polo and khakis. They greeted her with a smile.
    “Hello,” Gwen said.
    “First trip to London?” the woman asked.
    “Yes. It’s my first trip out of the States.” Gwen pushed her carry-on and

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