The Dragon Savior of Tone: World of Tone: Book 2
    “I plan to, before sunrise.”
    As the large man walked off, the two women looked at each other. “Do you think he's the one the girl told us about?” Keenna asked her mother.
    “I can't imagine it to be any other. Look at his size. He seemed to know nothing of our village.”
    “What should we do?”
    “We must send a message to Naron. He should know of this,” Nolla said to her daughter.
    Terra walked throughout the village until just before sun-rising. He saw hungry and frightened humans living in utter filth. He would change this soon, but first he needed to see the village on the other side of the lake. Terra walked to the edge of the caves and ran to the woods. He moved with such speed that few could see him in full sun, let alone in darkness.
    When he reached the woods, he found a small clearing large enough to change into his dragon form. He was in flight over the lake as the sun rose. He had spotted a clearing near the other village on the other side of the great lake. He landed slightly after high sun. This village was surrounded by tall man-made cliff built of large cut stones. The cliff was about a dragon length tall. It extended to the shore, creating half a circle. Terra planned to swim to the village and enter from the water, since there were only two guarded openings in the cliff on the land-side. He saw more openings on the waterside.
    He slept until sunset and then took his bag and strapped it to his back. He entered the water naked; his clothes would stay dry in the oiled bag. It was not long until he came to the edge of the cliff that extended into the lake. He slowly glanced around its edge. He could see a wooden platform about his height above the water, supported by cut tree trunks pushed into the lake bottom. He saw a vine hanging from the wooden platform. He swam to it, testing it with his weight, then climbed up the vine. He stepped into a dark corner and put his clothes on.
    Terra walked down the platform. He found a vertical wall made of tree trunks about twice his height. He then came to a hole cut into the wall covered by a wood panel. Terra listened and heard nothing on the other side so he pushed on the wood. He heard cracking and a snap as the panel swung in. He stepped through and pushed the panel closed.
    He found himself at the end of a path that led between human caves. Terra walked down until he came to a larger cross path. This village seemed to be empty. When he flew over, he saw a square area in front of the main opening in the human made cliff. He moved toward this area. The streets were clean, unlike the other village. Every opening in every cave was closed tight with wood panels. When he reached the square area, he saw at least five hundred human males moving around in very precise groups. They seemed to be practicing walking. They wore odd clothes that seemed to tinkle when they walked. They looked like hard little interconnected rings that formed cloth. They looked uncomfortable and difficult to move in.
    He was in a dark enclave watching these men when he heard movement across the path. He saw a small panel open and then close. Then a panel slightly smaller than his body opened and a hand waved him in. Terra never felt fear so he squeezed through the panel into the cave. He was in a small dark cavern with a male and female human. It was lit with small odd-looking sticks with small flames upon their tops.
    “What are you doing? You know the law. No one is allowed out on the village paths after sunset,” the man said.
    “I am new here. I do not know your law,” Terra said, not understanding the word law.
    “Who are you?” the female said.
    “I am Terra. I came here to see your village.”
    “This is not a place to visit. The king is a harsh master and his men are violent and dangerous,” the male said.
    “Who are you?” Terra inquired.
    “I'm Jeno and this is my wife, Kinda. Our families have lived in this village for generations. In fact, my wife's

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