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Authors: Norah McClintock
Tags: FIC022000, FIC050000, FIC056000
didn’t want anyone seeing him. A man out walking his dog saw him enter through the side of the property. And as far as we’ve been able to tell, his car was still parked around the corner after Enid drove away. So it’s possible that Andrew and Enid are telling the truth. It’s possible Enid wasn’t involved.”
    â€œDid Andrew say anything else?”
    â€œHe told us his side of the story. Did you know he was in love with Maria?”
    Bodie frowned. “Exactly how much information did you withhold from the police, Ms. Suarez?” he asked.
    â€œI just found out about Andrew this morning, from Maria. I was going to tell you.”
    He looked far from convinced.
    â€œAndrew says he went to the house to see Maria,” he said. “He was obsessed with her. He says he loved her and that he wanted to beg her to give him another chance. Instead, he ended up talking to the old man, who told him that he was going to marry Maria. He says that’s when he lost control of himself. He grabbed the first thing he laid hands on and smashed the old man over the head. He killed his own father and didn’t even know it. Enid hid it from him—and from Charles.”
    â€œSo Andrew confessed?” I asked.
    Bodie nodded.
    â€œThen Maria is free to go?” I asked.
    â€œShe’ll be released tomorrow.” He glanced at his watch. “Better make that this morning. Can I give you a lift home, Ms. Suarez?”
    He not only drove me home, but he also helped me up to my apartment.
    I slept for a couple of hours before being woken by my phone. It was Maria.
    â€œI’m free!” she crowed. “That detective, he said it’s because of you.”
    â€œI think he had a lot to do with it too, Maria.”
    â€œI am going tomorrow to see Mr. Richard’s lawyer,” she said. “He says there are many details to take care of. Will you come with me, Connie? I want to understand everything he says.”
    I told her I would be happy to go with her.
    â€œAnd, Connie, I talked to Mr. Camden about you. I told him I want to help you become a lawyer here in this country. He says he can tell us what to do. I will help you, Connie. I can do that now.”
    â€œWhat will I tell Mike?” I asked with a laugh.
    â€œYou tell him what I told him. You tell him, ‘Mike, I quit.’”
    I had to admit, it sounded like a great idea. I could hardly wait.

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