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beings, got it?” I said.
    Never taking his eyes off Larson, he stepped back to the table and returned to sitting. He was breathing calmly, though his scent was musky, animal. He was a werewolf, but he was in complete control of himself. I’d never seen anything like it.
    He was in enough control that Larson would never talk him into an exclusive interview.
    She’d retrieved her recorder and was pushing buttons and holding it to her ear. By the annoyed look on her face, I was guessing it was damaged. “I don’t need your permission,” she muttered. “I’ve got Kitty to back me up. The truth will come out.”
    I frowned. “Jenna, I’m not sure this is the right way to go about this. This doesn’t feel right.”
    “This isn’t about right, it’s about the truth.”
    Macy looked at me, and I almost flinched. His gaze was intent-he was thinking fast. “Kitty. Why did you go public?”
    “I was forced into it,” I said. “Kind of like this.”
    “So-has going public helped you? Hurt you? If you could change it, would you?”
    I’d worked hard to keep my lycanthropy secret, until I’d been forced into announcing what I was on the air. It hadn’t been my choice. I could have let it ruin me, but I made a decision to own that identity. To embrace it. It had made me notorious, and I had profited by it.
    I had to admit it: “I don’t think I’d be nearly as successful as I am if I hadn’t gone public. I’d still be just another cult radio-show host and not the world’s first celebrity werewolf.”
    He nodded, like I’d helped him make a decision.
    “We’re not here to talk about Kitty,” Larson said. “Last chance, Macy. Are you in or out?” She was still treating this with aggression, like she was attacking. She was only offending him.
    “Write your story,” he said. “Say what you need to. But do it without me. I won’t answer any questions. Now, get out.” He hopped off his table, went to the door, and opened it.
    “You can’t do this. You’ll have to talk to someone. Sooner or later.”
    I hooked my arm around hers and pulled her to the door, glancing at Macy over my shoulder one last time. I met his gaze. He seemed calm, determined, without an ounce of trepidation. Before I turned away, he smiled at me, gave a little nod. He was a wolf confident in his territory. I’d do best to slink away and avoid his wrath.
    Larson and I left, and the door closed behind us.
    Silent, we made our way back to the lobby of the arena. I said, “That went well.”
    She’d gone a bit glassy-eyed and had lost the purposeful energy in her stride.
    “Are you okay?” I said.
    “I think I’m going to be sick,” she murmured.
    “You need to get to a bathroom? Go outside?” I started hurrying.
    She shook her head, but leaned against the wall and covered her face. “This must be what the rabbit feels like after it gets away from a fox.”
    Post-traumatic stress from a simple interview? Maybe. Most people considered themselves the top of the food chain. Few of them ever encountered something that trumped them.
    “I don’t know,” I said. “I’m usually not on the rabbit side of things.”
    She stared at me and didn’t have to say it: I wasn’t helping.
    “Is he going to come after me? Was he really threatening me? If I run this story, am I in danger?”
    I urged her off the wall and toward the doors, so we could get outside and into the air. The closed space and pervasive odor of sweat was starting to get to me.
    “No. It’s intimidation.” It was what people like him-boxer or werewolf-were good at. “He can’t touch you without getting in trouble, even if he is a werewolf.”
    A few more steps brought us outside, into the night. I turned my face to the sky and took in a deep breath of fresh air, or as fresh as city air ever got.
    “What are we going to do?” she said. “The story’s going to look pretty half-assed without a statement from him.”
    The lack of an exclusive interview wasn’t

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