Sex Collections: NEEDFUL FLINGS: A three-volume hot, hung, and hungry sex collection

Free Sex Collections: NEEDFUL FLINGS: A three-volume hot, hung, and hungry sex collection by Andrina Coy

Book: Sex Collections: NEEDFUL FLINGS: A three-volume hot, hung, and hungry sex collection by Andrina Coy Read Free Book Online
Authors: Andrina Coy
    Mattie was genuinely impressed by Porter’s words.
    Good looking – check. Monster cock and knows how to use it – check. And he actually has a great personality! I don’t stand a chance with this one!
    “Amen to that!”
    Their glasses clinked together and then Mattie’s eyes remained fixed on Porter as she took a long slow drink of the excellent wine just before Viktor arrived at their table with an assortment of appetizers.
    “As the lady requested, every appetizer on the menu along with a couple extras just for you. If there is anything else you need, please don’t hesitate to ask.”
    Porter looked up and said thank you, and then re-filled both his and Mattie’s wine glasses while realizing just how hungry he was. He hadn’t eaten since breakfast. One of the plates was full of lightly breaded calamari, one of his favorites. He reached down and snatched several of the delicious, bite-sized pieces and plopped them one by one into his mouth as Mattie watched, clearly amused by his appetite.
    “Looks like someone is a little hungry.”
    Porter nodded.
    “Yeah, guess I am. Hope you don’t mind watching me eat.”
    Mattie shook her head.
    “Not at all. Tell me though, how’d you meet Oleg?”
    Porter gulped down another large piece of calamari and then wiped his mouth with a napkin before responding.
    “Where I work.”
    “And where’s that?”
    Porter paused, uncertain if he was ready to share that much of his private life with someone he had just met. He had always maintained a strict barrier between the work he did for Oleg Teplov and his everyday life. That barrier was now in danger of crumbling in the presence of a woman he found increasingly more attractive by the minute.
    “It’s a health club. I’m on staff there, help people with their workouts, that kind of thing.”
    Mattie was nibbling on a bit of lightly toasted bread that accompanied a small dish of cream-colored crab dip.
    “He saw your dick, didn’t he?”
    Porter shrugged, not surprised Mattie had guessed the scenario that had created the working relationship between himself and Oleg.
    “Yeah, that’s pretty much it. He offered me some money, said he could keep my identity hidden, and that was that. I’ve been doing those videos off and on for just over a year now. So, how did you meet Mr. Teplov?”
    Mattie dipped her bread into the crab dip and then began chewing it slowly as she glanced behind her toward the restrooms.
    “Would you believe he saw me walking around the locker room with my big cock swinging from side to side knocking people over?”
    Porter choked on the sip of wine he had just taken, causing Mattie to laugh.
    “So you’re a cross dresser then? Yup, now that you mention it, I can definitely see a 5 o’clock shadow and the smell of testosterone. Guess we need to call this whole thing off because that’s not really my thing.”
    Mattie’s eyes narrowed as she pretended to be angry.
    “Watch it big dick, no jokes about my facial hair.  As for how I met Oleg, it was at this table. He called me over after I just got done with a girlfriend’s face buried in my hot box in the women’s bathroom. Oh, and there was another guy involved but I wasn’t into him and he finished up pretty quick.”
    Porter waited to see if Mattie was again joking, but she simply took another drink from her wine glass and waited for him to reply.
    “Seriously, you had sex in the bathroom of this restaurant and that’s how Oleg met you?”
    Mattie shrugged, seeming bored by replaying her most recent sexual conquest.
    “Yeah, so what? I was horny, and so was my friend. We had a good buzz on and I felt like doing it, so it happened. I don’t regret it for a second.”
    “What about your friend, is she ok with it?”
    Mattie’s mouth fell into a slight frown.
    “Oh, she’s a little embarrassed

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