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Authors: Megan Slayer
Cat Class (Trick Or Treat)
    Megan Slayer
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    Table Of Contents
    Cat Class (Trick Or Treat)
    Chapter One
    Chapter Two
    Chapter Three
    Chapter Four
    Megan Slayer

Cat Class (Trick Or Treat)
    Megan Slayer
    Trust a witch to give away black cats on Halloween. Hayden knew her cat was different the moment she picked him up from the box at old lady Hildegard’s house. But there’s a full moon out this Halloween, and Hayden’s about to find out just how special her fur baby truly is. He’s got cat class and cat style, but can he win her heart?

Chapter One
    Kittens for sale. Hayden Crowe stopped in front of the ramshackle house and reread the sign. She didn’t really need a kitten. Cats tore up furniture and left messes in the litter box. Did she want another mess in her life?
    Her ex-boyfriend, Kenton, had caused enough trouble before he left.
    Unlike men, kittens were cute.
    “Might not be a bad idea if it keeps one more black cat from being hurt on Halloween,” she murmured. Hayden crept up the uneven concrete path to the front door. Paint peeled in long strips from the weathered woodwork. She rapped her knuckles on the worn surface. “Hello?”
    “Just a moment,” came a thin voice from the other side of the door.
    Hayden stepped back and fiddled with the strap of her purse. “No hurry, Mrs. Murray.”
    “Call me Hildegard.” The door opened, revealing a frail woman with wisps of silver hair framing her thin face. She smiled, her eyes twinkling. “You’re here for a kitten.”
    “I --” Hayden stammered. “I wanted to look at them. Maybe they won’t like me. Cats are persnickety.”
    “Nonsense.” She lifted a kitten from the pocket of her apron. “This little guy is just who you need. He’s calm and loves to cuddle. Should keep you company quite well.”
    Hayden opened her hands and clutched the tiny black ball of fur. The cat appraised her with bright yellow eyes. He was cute in a lumpy, all ears and eyes sort of fashion.
    “He’ll be the answer to what you’re looking for.”
    “He will?” She tucked him into the crook of her arm and looked up to where Hildegard stood. The door snicked closed, leaving her alone on the porch.
    “Don’t you want payment or something?” Hayden cuddled the cat close, rubbing her chin over the top of his head. “Hildegard?”
    “Enjoy, dearie,” she called through the door. “He’s got his forever home.”
    Hayden glanced down at the snoozing ball of fur, and then

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