My Despicable Ex - Book 2

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Authors: Sierra Rose
Tags: Romance, music
almost dared him to rip my clothes off, but I knew if I let those words tumble clumsily out of my mouth, we’d be making love on that hotel bed and would miss our flight. “I’m here. Take me. I’m yours.” If only I could say those words, I would have had him right there, right then. I could picture his lips trailing along my jaw line to my chin. I bit my lip in an effort to fight the urge to rip that towel right off of him.
    He tore his gaze from me and headed back into the bathroom, but he didn’t shut the door. I peeked in and caught a glimpse of his perfect, muscular backside. I bit my thumb. Damn, he has a nice ass. I quickly turned around, feeling naughty for looking.
    When Jake came out of the bathroom, my gaze shot straight to his long-sleeved, white shirt that hung open, exposing his sculpted chest. I was sure he’d roast in his black slacks, because everything about him was already smoldering.
    “ We’re going to Puerto Rico,” I said. “I suggest wearing short sleeves and shorts.”
    Smiling, he whipped off his shirt. Heat flooded my cheeks. I watched as his muscles contracted and expanded as he reached down, lifted his suitcase to the bed, and unzipped it.
    “ I don’t remember asking for a striptease,” I said with a smile.
    He fumbled through his suitcase. After gathering a new outfit, he rushed into the bathroom and came out in a casual white shirt, with brown shorts and sandals.
    “ Much better,” I said.
    He smiled. “Meh, I aim to please.”
    After doing one last search for our belongings, I gave Jake the thumbs-up. I went to reach for my suitcase when his fingers brushed against mine, and my heart took on a staccato rhythm again.
    “ I got it,” he said.
    Our eyes locked again, and again we were lost in each other’s gaze, oblivious to anything else. I couldn’t deny our shared connection. There was something so special about him, and I knew I couldn’t stay away from him, even if I had to. Some voice inside me reminded me that we had to just be friends, but a louder voice told me to grab him and never let go. My emotions were all over the place.
    “ Um…okay,” I barely managed to get out.
    His gaze drifted to my lips, then back up to my eyes, and he smiled.
    I lingered for a moment before leaving. I wondered if he was going to try to kiss me. As much as I wanted him to, I wasn’t really ready for something so bold—at least not yet. When he looked into my eyes, I quickly averted my dumbfounded smile to the ground. Even as my legs began to shake, the best thing I could do was pretend like his touch had no effect on me.
    * * *
    In Puerto Rico, we checked into the Copamarina Beach Resort and Spa, and the bellhop took our luggage. The hotel was beautiful, and the lush landscaping was breathtaking against the backdrop of the Caribbean Sea.
    As we walked up to our room, Jake put his hand on my lower back. I glanced up at him, and he smiled widely as his touch lingered. I grinned. His hand clasped around mine, making my skin tingle. His warm, soft fingers rubbed against the back of my hand lightly as he led me into Room 516.
    Our accommodations were gorgeous, spacious, and elegant, with a big balcony that offered an ocean view. I could hear the crashing waves, and I couldn’t wait to take a walk on the white, sandy beach.
    I felt grimy from traveling, and the room was hot, so I turned on the air, jumped in the shower, and put on a white lace and chiffon, spaghetti-strap dress. I felt so refreshed and cooled down.
    After I unpacked, I spent an hour on my laptop writing a fashion article called, “Contemporary Woman: Fashion and Style Tips to Live By.” It was due in two weeks for my real job.
    I walked out on the balcony and took in the incredible view. Jake wrapped his arms around me from behind and lifted the hair off my neck as he softly kissed the most sensitive spot on my neck. Goosebumps erupted all over me, and I gasped deeply. He lightly stroked and caressed my neck with his

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