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Authors: Tessie Bradford
Tags: Romance
    “Okay, feel free to tell me I’m out of line, but you sure don’t look old enough to be retired.”
    Hana blushed at the compliment. “Thank you, I don’t feel like I’m old enough either,” she said with a chuckle. “Eighteen months ago, the company I’d been with for twenty-two years went through a total restructuring. They offered me a severance package I couldn’t refuse.” She walked him to the door. “Do you mind that I’ll be around most of the time you’re working?”
    “Quite the opposite, Hana, I’m looking forward to it.” He shook her hand and grinned. Hana swore there was a twinkle in his blue eyes.
    * * * *
    “So, how’d it go today?” Lydia asked the moment Hana walked up to the small table.
    “Let’s get a cocktail first,” Hana suggested as she took her seat and motioned over the waitress. They placed their order for drinks and a plate of nachos.
    “That bad, huh?”
    “The exact opposite, Lyd. He’s starting on Monday.”
    Her best bud stared at Hana as if she’d sprouted horns. “You, the master of over-thinking things to death, hired a contractor at the first meeting?”
    “I’ve done my research, and lord knows I’ve gotten enough other quotes, and, hey, nice insulting me.”
    “I did no such thing. You and I both know spontaneity isn’t your strong suit, so naturally I’m surprised and more than a little curious.”
    “Sam is highly qualified and has exceptional references. He took his time assessing the job. He clearly explained his ideas and actually listened to mine. We talked for hours. Now, I’m so excited to get this show on the road, and am looking forward to working with him.”
    “Really?” Lydia commented with a smirk.
    “What?” Hana asked while making a small production of scooping the appropriate amount of cheese onto her chip.
    “Come on, it’s me you’re talking to. This is about more than making a sound business decision. Spill it, woman.”
    Hana’s cheeks warmed as she met her friend’s eyes. “He got my motor revving, Lyd, while we were discussing home improvements. ”
    “Ooo, I knew it! I bet he’s all tall, gorgeous and washboard-abby. Does he have flowing locks, shoulders for miles, and an ass to die for?” Lydia rubbed her palms together while waggling her eyebrows.
    Hana erupted into a fit of the giggles. When she got her shit under control, she leaned across the table toward Lydia. Although the restaurant was full, Hana most certainly didn’t want their conversation overheard.
    “Geez, get a grip, you freak. How many men do you think actually look like that?”
    “Tons. We’ve read the books; they’re everywhere.”
    “So reality isn’t going to enter into this discussion at all?” Hana rolled her eyes and took a healthy sip of her beverage.
    “Okay, sorry, but damn, you’ve been shunning the male of our species with the fervor of a novice getting ready to take her vows for quite a while now. What is it about Mr. Sam that got your attention?”
    “He seems normal, ordinary, I don’t know; regular,” Hana responded instantly.
    “Those are the qualities you’ve been holding out for?”
    “Yeah, as a matter of fact they are. Do I need to remind you of the debacle that was my last relationship?”
    “Point taken,” Lydia said with an exaggerated shiver. “Here’s to hiring a hunky handyman. Hey, go me with the alliteration!”
    Hana laughed as they clinked wine glasses.

    Chapter Two
    “Mornin’,” Sam called as he opened the back door and walked into the kitchen. Unlike the last two weeks, Hana wasn’t there greeting him with her knockout smile. Disappointment slammed into him hard.
    Hana Coswald was the most interesting woman he’d met in a very long time. She was extremely intelligent, fun to be around and incredibly easy to talk with. She could voice strong opinions without being bitchy and, more than once, met and bested his double entendre humor. Maybe his best friend Bart was

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