Rise From The Ashes: The Rebirth of San Antonio (Countdown to Armageddon Book 3)

Free Rise From The Ashes: The Rebirth of San Antonio (Countdown to Armageddon Book 3) by Darrell Maloney

Book: Rise From The Ashes: The Rebirth of San Antonio (Countdown to Armageddon Book 3) by Darrell Maloney Read Free Book Online
Authors: Darrell Maloney
         “No. Plagues norm ally run through an area, do their damage, and then dissipate. Sometimes they come back for a second round, but usually not. Indications are this one will run its course and won’t be back. The latest estimates from the CDC say that we’ll ride out the storm within the next few months. In the meantime, I’d strongly suggest you stay here. It’ll be safer for you, and certainly safer for your family as well.
         “I’ve got to get back to my rounds, but I’ll be back to see you tomorrow. Are there any other questions I can answer for you before I go?”
         Scott was in a daze, but it had nothing to do with his wound or his weakened state. He was trying to wrap his head around the idea of being away from everyone he loved for several months.
         He looked at the doctor and weakly shook his head no.
         As promised, an intern stepped in as the sun started to drop low and its light cast shadows in the room. He turned on the room light, and Scott was relieved that the hospital had power.
         The intern seemed to read Scott’s thoughts.
         “They finally got the generators repaired a few days ago. The wiring was insulated against power surges, which protected it from the EMPs. But we couldn’t get the power back on until the generators were working again. Before then we were doing everything we could during the day, and then working by candlelight at night. It was medieval. Simply awful. I’m Jeff, by the way.”
         Scott managed to squeak out a single word.
         “It’s easier on your throat if you whisper, Scott.”
         He tore open a suture removal kit, which was essentially a pair of tweezers and a small pair of blunt scissors in a sterile paper packet.
         “Okay, we’ll do the front side first. Then I’ll have you lay on your side and I’ll do the other side. You ready?”
         Scott whispered “yes,” and was surprised to see that Jeff was right. It didn’t hurt his throat to whisper.
         Jeff poked at his wound, and said, “It looks like it’s healing well. You’ll feel some tugs, but it shouldn’t hurt.”
         It took almost half an hour to remove the stitches. Jeff applied some type of cream and bandages to both sides of Scott’s shoulder. Then he eased Scott back onto his back.
         For the first time, Scott could see a strange man standin g in the hallway watching. He wondered who the man was, but didn’t ask.
         “Okay, no bleeders, no discharges. I didn’t see any sign of localized infection. I think we can safely say you’ve survived your first gunshot wound. Let’s try to make it your last one too.
         “We’ll change your bandage daily, and will keep an eye on both wounds. When you move around in bed, be gentle. We don’t want you to reopen the wound and have to restitch it. Any questions?”
         Scott shook his head no.
         “Okay, then. I’ll get out of your way and let you spend time with your visitor.”
         “Thank you,” Scott whispered.
         Jeff walked out of the room and the strange man came in from the hallway.
         Scott recognized the man’s voice immediately. No introduction was necessary, but he got one anyway.
         “Hello, Scott. I’m Robbie.”
         Although the two had never met, at least formally, it seemed that Scott had found an old friend. And he had a lot of questions.
        He asked, in a hoarse and painful whisper, “They told me the police found me and brought me in. Was that you?”
         “Yes. Joyce was worried sick about you. She and Hannah asked me to go look for you, and I found you unconscious in your living room. You were in bad shape. They tell me you died twice on the operating table.”
         “Thank you, Robbie.”
         “Don’t mention it. You saved the

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