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Authors: Khloe Wren
her. Could she marry without a declaration of love first?
Being their Desired wasn't enough.
She wanted them to choose her, not put up with her because she was chosen for
them. She strode through the doorway into the Dining Hall and bee-lined for
Eilagh—who was looking very happy as she sat on Max's lap and ate food from
Dimitri's hand. Becky stopped a moment and soaked in the love radiating from the
trio. Could she have that with her men?
    Eilagh looked up and caught her gaze. Obviously realizing
quickly that something was up, she gave both her men a quick kiss and hopped
off Max's lap and headed her way.
    "What's wrong, Becky? You don't look happy."
    "I'm confused. The men. My men, they asked me—can we go somewhere private and talk?"
    Eilagh turned toward her men, and they both looked up
at her. A minute later, they nodded and she turned back.
    "Sure, let's go."
    "Did you just do the silent talk thing?"
    Eilagh beamed a huge grin. "It happened when we
bonded. I can't talk with all the dragons though, only mine."
    "Oh. Okay. Bet that’ll come in handy."
    They walked silently back to Eilagh's chambers. They
sat on the sofa and faced each other.
    "We had sex last night. Lots
and lots of incredible, mind-blowing, sex." Becky could feel her
face heat as she spoke. "Then this morning, they ask me to bond with them.
I don't know. I know I love them, but they haven't spoken a word to me about
love. I just feel all emotional and all over the place. I don't know what to
do! Why did you say yes?"
    Eilagh laughed before she started speaking. "Well
to start with they didn't ask. Remember I told you how Dimitri just told me it's time and expected me to just go
along with it all? Trust me, I lost the plot at them.
I needed to know they loved me before I'd agree, too. As soon as they realized
my issue, they both were very quick to announce their feelings. Men don't think
like us women do. They think we just know how they feel. Oh, I also demanded
they remove the Truth Band, because no way in hell was I getting married
without trust. As you can see, they removed it."
    Becky played with her own band. "I'd forgotten I
even wore it. My mind is all over the place at the moment. I just feel so
overwhelmed. I'm not normally this emotional."
    Her stomach growled its protest at skipping breakfast,
and she rubbed her hand over it. Damn, she'd forgotten to ask her men about the
mark. She wondered if Eilagh would know…
    "Eilagh, this morning I found something. A mark. Don't suppose you know what it means?"
    Eilagh cocked a brow at her, and her eyes went
serious. "What kind of mark? They didn't hurt you, did they?"
no. They'd never hurt me. Well, maybe in the playroom, but that's a good
kind of hurt—"
    Eilagh's laugh cut her off. "Your men have a playroom ? Like, as in BDSM stuff? And I
thought Dimitri was a Dom!"
    Becky felt her face heat with embarrassment. "Oh
shit. That was TMI right?"
no. As long as it’s consensual and you all enjoyed it, it's all good."
    Becky sighed in relief that her friend wasn't going to
judge her for the playroom stuff.
    "Anyway, the mark is on my tummy. It’s golden
yellow. It kinda looks like a paw print. Do you want
to see it?"
    Becky looked up at Eilagh to see her mouth gaping
open. "No. Way."
    "What? You know what it is? Please, you have to
tell me."
    She watched Eilagh open a couple buttons low down on
her dress and reveal her own paw print.
    "You have one, too. Do you know what it is?"
    Becky watched her slowly nod. "Your men should
have told you, but since they haven't," she paused to sigh, "it means
we're both pregnant."
    Becky jerked back in shock. "But we only had sex
last night. How can— I don't understand!" She buried her face in her hands
and sobbed. She guessed at least she now knew why she was being overly
    Drake paused eating when he saw a shadow fall over
him. He looked up into the amused stare of Dimitri, their clan leader.
    "What's up, Dimitri?"
    "My Desired just

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