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Authors: Eve Montelibano
to rub it in, bitch.
    I don’t want to think about it too much. If I do, I’d pack my bags and leave right away.
    The shame of it is killing me.
    No, not the shame. I can get over that. It’s the disappointment that’s hard to take.
    But I’ll get over it. I have to.
    Work is a welcome diversion.
    It always is. Story of my life.
    Back to the grind, bitch.
    I buy samples of each fabric to be used in my prototypes. I may have to come back in the future for further immersion with the native weavers. Chances are, Raiden won’t be in the island by then. I hope. A young man like him must have a lot of other exciting places to visit aside from this place.
    Or if I can’t bear the thought of seeing him again, I may just send one of my junior designers to coordinate with the natives about my bulk orders in the future. I do plan to make these fabrics a part of my signature designs and contract the weavers to be exclusive to my company for an indefinite period of time. I can do a lot with these materials, from my RTW dresses and couture gowns to my signature bags and shoes and home decors.
    Maybe after this village tour I’ll cut this vacay short. There’s nothing for me here anymore. I can’t go through with it. I can’t even bear the thought of approaching another man and seducing him to have sex with me. It just goes against the grain of my morals now.
    Oh? Where were your morals last night?
    I’d like to think Raiden was just a fluke. I almost gave up in finding him. But he came along and I felt it, him, the rightness of him in every fiber of my being. I’d just consider him an exception and leave it at that. Because really, bottom line, I really enjoyed his company.
    And the sex, oh my God! Off the charts! Not that I have any other experiences to compare it with. But he sure blew Bob to oblivion last night. All in all, it’s not so bad.
    Not bad at all.
    No, I’m not giving up on my baby project. I can’t give up on that. I’ll just find another way.
    I’ll talk to my doctor again about artificial insemination back in New York. That’s my last resort and I’m finally okay with that. If I can’t conceive, I’d just adopt, like Brangelina. Lots of orphans in the world who need love and care. I’d even top their record. I’d have seven kids. Anyway, I have a billion to splurge on them and counting.
    I heard the sound of camera shutters. This is an exclusive tour I’ve arranged with the hotel so there’s nobody with me but Mina and our driver.
    I look around.
    A man is taking pictures of me.
    I immediately confront him. “Hey, stop that! Why are you taking pictures of me? It’s not allowed here!”
    He lowers the camera from his face and smiles at me.
    My eyes widen. “Tom?”
    “Hey, Ella.”
    I run up to him and give him a bear hug. “Hey, what the hell are you doing here?”
    “I could ask you the same question.”
    “Well…I thought I could use a short break before Fashion Week.”
    “Long way from home.”
    “I wanted to see Asia for a change. So what are you doing here?”
    “I’m shooting an event this Sunday for Sports Illustrated, the World Extreme Water Sports Competition.”
    “Oh, what water sports?”
    “Jet skiing, water skiing, wind surfing, wakeboarding and barefoot skiing.”
    “Barefoot skiing? How can you ski on foot? What are they, Jesus?”
    He grins. “It’s in fact a popular sport, but it’s my first time to cover it. We can go watch on Sunday.”
    I smile back. “I’d love that.”
    I might not have to leave sooner after all. Tom is a good friend who’s a brilliant freelance professional photographer for many reputed magazines in the US. I’ve hired him to do several of my billboard ads and my sales spiked up every time. Tom’s pictures are well-respected in the fashion industry.
    “Where do you go from here?” I ask.
    “To see the old temples in the village. Wanna join me?”
    “Of course! I’m so glad you’re here, Tom.”
    “Me too, Ella.”

    Looks like

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