Tested (The Life of Uktesh Book 1)

Free Tested (The Life of Uktesh Book 1) by Aaron Hicks

Book: Tested (The Life of Uktesh Book 1) by Aaron Hicks Read Free Book Online
Authors: Aaron Hicks
also wore a black shirt loose enough to allow movement, but hugged her body enough to not get easily caught on anything, and her golden hair was tied in a tight braid.
    Uktesh was inclined to agree, but this was their first bounty that paid anything.  It paid two silvers, and while not a lot, was the promise of a start to their career as “heroes for hire.”  “No, we can use one of the silvers to get Heathyr something nice, like maybe a new dress.”  They had decided early on that half of what they earned, they would give to Heathyr, who let them play at being heroes, and they would split the rest.  “I have a plan that should work, do you trust me?”
    Uktesh and Laurilli had grown closer in the weeks he’d trained her. During practice, they’d talk for hours about everything and nothing.  There had been some anger early on about how much Uktesh made her do, but once he was healthy enough to join in, he did all the exercises that he’d made her do, plus more. If this task however, was an actual risk to her life, that was another thing.  This should be a simple plan. Once begun, the boacat should just want to run home.
    “Of course I do.”  She smiled at him, and the sun that rose behind her made her golden hair shine like a golden fire.  He couldn’t help how his jaw went slack, before he grinned back at her like an idiot.
    “Great! Here’s my plan.” As he laid out his plan, Laurilli’s face became more and more pale.
    “Have you ever done this before?”
    “I’ve never had the need or the want to get a fully grown boacat out of a tree, but it should work.”
    Ordinarily boacats were just as docile as regular cats. But just as all cat owners know to forcefully move a normal cat out of where it wants to be could end with some painful scratches. Then add about ninety pounds, and the ability to crush a human, and the risks go up.  Laurilli started the plan when she started to talk to the boacat, as if it could understand her. But she was the distraction.  Uktesh started to slowly climb up the tree that was next to the one the boacat was occupying. He made sure to climb with as much stealth as possible.  Once in the tree, he crept along a branch towards the boacat’s tree.  He was able to silently move from a branch on the opposite tree to one on the boacat’s tree without much noise or vibration in the trunk of the tree.  He snuck up until he was right behind it, and surprisingly it did not notice his approach.  He nodded at Laurilli, who stopped talking, walked to Kylli’s door, and opened it, and gestured for Kylli to join her.  When the two ladies were inside, with the door still open, Uktesh barked like a wild dog at the top of his lungs. He startled the boacat out of the tree and into the house where Laurilli was to make sure it didn’t kill Kylli in its fear.
    Uktesh grabbed the lowest branch, swung down, and dangled for a moment before he dropped to the ground.  He walked towards the house, when the front door opened and Laurilli walked out of it.  She wore a smile of triumph. She paused, held a pose, and showed that they’d been paid four silver coins!
    “Uktesh she was so happy that we were quick and didn’t hurt Mr. Mittens!” Uktesh raised his right eyebrow at her, so she explained, “The boacat must’ve had white fur on its paws as a kitten.  Anyway, what should we do now that we have some money?”
    Uktesh didn’t know. But in his mind all the things he suddenly thought of doing with her were free, his grin must’ve given something away, because Laurilli said, “What should we buy,” she emphasized the word, “now that we have money.”
    “We could buy you some pants that are not too tight, so that you can wear them in public.”  She pulled the hem of her shirt down, suddenly self-conscious, “Not that I mind a great deal,” Uktesh continued as if he hadn’t noticed, “I think you look amazing.  I just don’t want anyone else to realize this and try

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