Finn Again (The Finn Factor Book 5)

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Authors: RG Alexander
been invited to join them.”
    “You have?” Declan didn’t look too happy about that. “So you’re both leaving me?”
    “You just want me to stay and help move those chairs around,” Trick teased.
    Declan started to walk away but Trick pushed him back against the wall, using his body to hold him where he wanted him. “Hey, it’s only for the night. But I’ll give you something to think about while we’re gone.”
    Declan melted into the kiss, moaning as Trick’s tongue fought a sensual battle with his, tilting his head and offering everything. A question kept swimming around his desire drenched brain, refusing to disappear. “Did she use those words? Space to think?” Trick asked when he lifted his head to drag in some much-needed oxygen.
    “What?” It was gratifying to see him so dazed.
    “Is that exactly what she said?”
    At Declan’s nod, Trick smiled. “Follow me, Professor. We can fix this.”
    His first instinct was to pull Declan to the floor and distract him. It was his second and third instinct too. It always was. He could spend a lifetime enjoying Declan’s body. But then his deep-thinking lover would spend the rest of the night angsting himself to death over what he should have said. Jen would act tough, but she wouldn’t be much better.
    Relationships were a lot of fucking work.
    She was exactly where he knew she would be. Downstairs in the library, curled up in a chair and staring at Declan’s art collection. He remembered when he told her about those paintings. That they were all of her, in one way or another. That he and Declan had always been waiting for her. Was she thinking about that now? Or wondering if they could still be together after she’d rejected Declan’s offer?
    “Hiding from the wedding chaos?” Trick asked lightly, his grip bruising on Declan’s wrist as he dragged him inside and locked the door behind them.
    Jen jumped and pushed back her mane of fiery hair, biting her lip. “I guess. I was just thinking about heading toward Tasha’s.”
    Trick strode over to her and pulled her to her feet. “You’re not dressed.”
    She looked down at herself with a frown. She was in yoga pants and a festive green Christmas shirt that said, Just Say Ho . “Yes I am. I’m only goi—”
    He kissed her and she gasped into his mouth. One instant of surprise and then her stiff muscles were melting and her arms were lifting to wrap around his neck. Neither one of them could resist him. He used that to full advantage, pulling off her shirt and pushing her stretchy black pants down her legs. “Oops,” he said wickedly. “I meant, you won’t be dressed for a while.”
    “Do you know how many strange people are in this house right now?” She moaned when he dropped to his knees and bit the inside of her thigh as she stepped out of her pants entirely. “Trick…”
    “Trick,” Declan echoed, though his voice had an edge that told him he wasn’t unaffected by his actions. “Maybe this isn’t the best time.”
    He stood and palmed Jen’s braless breasts, pinching her nipples roughly and making her back arch in reaction. “Because she said no to that sad proposal?” Jen jerked under his hands. “If you think that’ll stop me, you’re insane.”
    “He told you?” Jen’s blue eyes went wide.
    “Of course he told me. Clearly the man has issues with romantic proposals, but if he were perfect he’d be boring. And he has other qualities we both enjoy, so I guess we’ll have to forgive him and fuck instead.”
    Her fair skin flushed and she glanced at Declan. “I’m not sure he’d be okay with that.”
    Trick tried not to smirk and failed miserably. “Declan? Take off your clothes and get the lube from your desk. She’s not sure you’re okay with having some quality Jen time before we’re inundated with wedding guests and we have to monitor our behavior.”
    Declan’s expression darkened dangerously and he started to unbutton his shirt in silence. Jen licked her

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