Summer's Desire

Free Summer's Desire by Kathleen Ball

Book: Summer's Desire by Kathleen Ball Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kathleen Ball
Holden sent me out here with some magazines
for Matt.” She walked into the house with a spring in her step.
    “Matt’s on the couch.” Summer didn’t even know why
she bothered to say that. Mindy Sue could see Matt from the door.
    Mindy Sue was perky. She was probably one of those
people that woke up singing. Summer had to concede that she was nice enough.
Holden had his eye on Mindy Sue and why not? They had the world in common and
she’d be the perfect helpmate for him. According to everyone, Holden was going
to pay for Mindy to go back to school. Every time she forgot she was just the
housekeeper, she got her feelings hurt.
    She went back to the kitchen and began to prepare
dinner. Out of the corner of her eye she could see their heads bent toward each
other as they talked. It was good for Matt to have different company. Sighing,
she put the chickens in the oven to roast.
    Mindy Sue stood and waved to Summer. “Holden said to
tell you he’d be late and you’re not to worry about his dinner. He’ll pick
something up.”
    With a plastered smiled, Summer nodded. “Thanks for
letting me know.”
    Mindy Sue nodded and left, leaving Summer feeling
cold. No wonder Holden had been gone so much lately. They were probably going
to eat dinner together.
    “Mindy Sue seems nice,” Summer commented, wanting
Matt’s opinion.
    Matt grinned. “She sure is. She is going to school
in the fall. Holden is paying for it. I think it’s great. They make a great
    “Yes, they do.” She swallowed hard and turned away,
not wanting Matt to know her true feelings. She’d just have to get over it.
    The front door slammed open, scaring her. Luke was a
blur as he ran up the stairs. Minutes later he was right back down.
    “I knew it! I knew it!” He planted himself right in
front of her, his eyes full of anger.
    “Knew what?” She tried to sound calm while a shiver
went through her body.
    “I told Holden you were a no good thief. He didn’t
believe me. He’ll believe me now.” The triumph in his expression startled her.
    “I don’t know what you mean.”
    Luke laughed a hard sarcastic laugh. “Yeah, right.
Just give me back my money and get your ass off our land.”
    Her mouth dropped open as she stared at him. He appeared
dead serious. “I didn’t—”
    “You did. Now pack your things and get out!”
    “Wait a minute, Luke, exactly what are you talking
about?” Her mind whirled, wondering what to do.
    “I had money on my dresser when I left this morning.
Now it’s gone. Don’t think I haven’t heard all about you from the kids in town.
You might have Matt and Holden fooled but I’m on to you!”
    “Luke, you’re mistaken. I’d never steal from you. I
don’t have any money.”
    He crossed his arms in front of him. “Exactly,
that’s why you took money. You were the only one up there unless Matt somehow
flew up the stairs.”
    The anger and condemnation in his eyes made up her
mind. She hadn’t been paid yet. Caleb’s offer came to mind and even though it
broke her heart, she decided that was the best course. “Go get Mark. I want him
to know he’s in charge out there. I’ll… I’ll just pack.”
    Luke’s dark eyes flashed at her. “You’d better not
take anything else that doesn’t belong to you.”
    She glanced at Matt but his face seemed set in
stone. She’d get no help from him. Her face heated in humiliation and she
crossed her arms in front of her to keep herself from flying apart. She’d known
from the start that this would be how it ended. Somehow she let her guard down.
She walked up the stairs and sat on her bed wondering if she should wait for
Holden to come home. The prickling at the back of her eyes decided for her. She
refused to let them see her cry. It still amazed her how one accusation could
follow her like a black cloud, a big, fat cloud of suspicion. Did someone
really take Luke’s money or was he just setting her up? She’d probably never
    Soon her suitcase was

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