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Authors: Fredrica Alleyn
warmly. ‘I’m afraid we don’t entertain as often as we should, but perhaps once the Hall has been redecorated that will change.’
    ‘Didn’t know it had anything to do with the wallpaper,’ grumbled her husband. ‘Thought you disliked all my friends.’
    Sir Matthew looked sympathetically at his hostess, at the same time wondering what would be the best way to make his next move.
    ‘You must come over and see my Dalmatian’s litter of pups,’ he said with a smile. ‘Two of the dogs are already taken, but I’m sure I could find one that you’d like out of the rest.’
    ‘Step-mama loathes dogs,’ said Crispian.
    ‘Nonsense,’ responded Marina, her palm still warm from the soft pressure of Sir Matthew’s fingers. ‘I think a little spotty dog would be enchanting.’
    Her husband laughed. ‘A little spotty dog! God, you can tell she doesn’t know a damned thing about animals, can’t you!’
    ‘She knows Dalmatians have spots,’ said Sir Matthew calmly. ‘Just ring me, Lady Corbett-Wynne. I’m usually free in the afternoons.’
    ‘I will,’ she said softly, ‘and please call me Marina.’
    He nodded, and knew that providing he was careful he was well on his way to a satisfying seduction.
    Crispian ran a finger down Annabel’s bare spine, ending at the top of her zip. ‘Fancy a walk?’ I could do with some air before going to bed.’
    Annabel nodded, said her goodnights and then followed him along a passageway and out through a side door into the grounds. She breathed in the cool evening air with satisfaction, but then shivered slightly. The contrast with the library, where a log fire had burned in the grate, was marked and her evening dress wasn’t meant to keep her warm.
    ‘Here, wear this,’ said Crispian, and he draped his evening jacket over her shoulders. She pulled it tightly round her and they walked along the gravel path towards the stable block.
    ‘Did you enjoy the evening?’ he asked, merriment clear in his voice.
    ‘It was certainly interesting,’ conceded Annabel. ‘I wasn’t sure at one point whose hand was on my knee.’
    ‘Almost certainly Pa’s. Sir Matthew doesn’t look like a groper; he’s got a far more subtle approach. Good-looking, the women seem to think.’
    ‘Quite attractive,’ agreed Annabel, her heart pounding at the thought of what he might be like in bed, with his hands on her breasts and his mouth covering hers.
    They came to the corner of the stable block and here Crispian turned so that Annabel found herself with her back against the wall while he stood in front of her, his hands resting on the wall above her shoulders.
    ‘You looked bloody attractive tonight,’ he said huskily, bending his head towards her.
    Although it was Sir Matthew who’d stirred her into sexual awareness, Annabel found Crispian very attractive, and when his mouth softly touched her lips she found that she responded instantly.
    Slowly he eased his jacket off her and ran his hands down her back, pressing her closer to him until her hips were thrust against his upper thighs. He moved his hands across her naked shoulders, down her arms and then over her hips and all the time he continued kissing her slowly and sensually, moving his mouth to the delicate skin beneath her ears and at the base of her throat.
    ‘Let’s go into one of the empty stables,’ he said at last as he broke free for a moment.
    Annabel went willingly, suddenly needing more than just kisses and light caresses. She wanted more intimate contact, wanted to feel pressure on her breasts and above all some kind of stimulation between her thighs where she was damp and aching.
    The stable smelt of leather saddles and fresh straw but Annabel didn’t care. Crispian took a rug off a peg and spread it over the straw before laying her down on her back. He then eased her stockings off her legs, pushed the full skirt of her evening dress upwards and crouched between her legs, lowering his head to her most intimate

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