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Jenna’s romance smolders at a slow burn, the action in Taken by Midnight ratchets up the threat of Dragos and his determination to strike hard at the Order for their hand in the death of the Ancient in Shades of Midnight and the destruction of one of Dragos’s secret lab facilities in Alaska.
    With Dragos growing bolder, the warriors and their mates begin working together in earnest to stop him. While the warriors pursue Dragos and his secret lieutenants on night patrols, the women of the Order strive to locate the Breedmates being held captive in his breeding labs. They come upon clues that lead them to a former runaway shelter worker, and, through a mix of cunning and courage, Jenna, Renata, Dylan and Alex eventually unmask the Minion in charge of holding the prisoners. With the warriors and their women working as a true team, the captive Breedmates are freed—including Corinne Bishop, the young Breedmate who’d been entrusted to Brock’s protection decades past in Detroit.
    Other new characters enter the series in this book as well: Mathias Rowan, an Enforcement Agent in Boston and a former friend and associate of Sterling Chase; and the Archer family, Lazaro, the Gen One patriarch of a Boston Darkhaven, and his son Christophe, who come to the Order requesting help in recovering Christophe’s teenage son, Kellan, who’s been abducted from their home by unknown captors.
    This abduction—and the recovery of Kellan Archer—set into motion events that would alter the Order’s future in the next book to come, and would change the landscape of the series forever.
    Taken by Midnight spent the most time on the U.S. bestseller lists after its release in September, 2010. It stayed four weeks on the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists, and three weeks on Publishers Weekly . It also made the Indiebound bestseller list—another career first for me.
    Around this time, I started hearing from my agent that Random House wanted to take the series into hardcover soon. Hard to believe that just five years earlier, I thought my career was over. I suppose the lesson here is not unlike the underlying theme of Brock and Jenna’s romance: Just because you felt like a failure in the past, doesn’t mean you can’t get back up again and make something better of your future.

    Deeper Than Midnight
    BOOK 9
    Romantic Leads
    Corinne Bishop
    Plot Summary
    After years of captivity and torture by malevolent vampire Dragos, beautiful Corinne Bishop finds safety and passion in the arms of Hunter, the most lethal of the Order’s warriors—a Gen One Breed born and raised to kill on Dragos’s command. Now Hunter’s loyalty to the Order will be tested when duty to his new allies forces him to risk breaking Corinne’s tender heart.
    Primary Story Locations
    Bishop family Darkhaven in Detroit, Michigan
    Various places in and around New Orleans, Louisiana
    Amelie Dupree's bayou home at Atchafalaya, Louisiana
    Massachusetts senator Bobby Clarence’s North Shore residence
    Order's compound headquarters in undisclosed location in Boston
    Through Hell by We Are The Fallen
    This Night by Black Lab
    Breathe Me by Sia
    Empty Bed Blues by Bessie Smith
    Story Background
    I really felt the momentum of the overall series arc coming to a head as I wrote Deeper Than Midnight . On the external storyline side of things, events were in motion that would lead to the final, big showdown between the Order and Dragos.
    Lucan and the warriors were soon to discover that the kidnap of Kellan Archer had been a calculated move by Dragos—a strike intended to prompt the Order to break one of their cardinal rules: admitting a civilian into the Boston compound. A secret, hidden location for more than a hundred years, the Order’s headquarters is suddenly compromised to their greatest enemy when Kellan spits up a tracking device placed inside him by his abductors.
    Lucan has never been one to

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