Love Bound in Ice: 3 (Werewolf Sentinels)

Free Love Bound in Ice: 3 (Werewolf Sentinels) by Marisa Chenery

Book: Love Bound in Ice: 3 (Werewolf Sentinels) by Marisa Chenery Read Free Book Online
Authors: Marisa Chenery
Tags: Erótica
wrapped his arms around Haven’s waist and rolled with her so she ended up under him.
    “You will but not yet,” he said. “There’s something I want to do to you first.”
    He pushed up onto his knees and made quick work of undoing her jeans. He removed her hiking boots and shifted to the side to drag her pants and panties off, then returned to kneel between her spread thighs.
    He leaned forward so he braced himself on his hands as he took her lips in a heated kiss. He licked and sucked, exploring her mouth with his tongue. Once he had her squirming, he kissed down the side of her neck. Since it wasn’t exactly warm in the cave, he left her shirt in place and continued downward until he was level with her pussy, his shoulders pushing her legs even farther apart.
    He dragged his tongue along her wet opening and Haven moaned, her hips lifting. Ketah lapped at her again, loving the taste of her. He turned his attention to her clit, sucking and licking. His mate had her hands buried in his hair and yanked on it as she rode his face.
    He pushed a finger into her pussy, pumping in and out, then added a second. Haven’s strong inner muscles clamped down around them. His cock ached. He couldn’t wait to plunge inside her and feel her wrapped around his shaft while he took her.
    Haven’s breaths became ragged and she couldn’t seem to hold back her moans. Ketah knew she was close to release, but didn’t want her coming just yet. He pulled his fingers free of her body and gave her clit one last lick. She whimpered and tried to tug him back.
    Ketah pushed his jeans and underwear down past his hips, then surged up between Haven’s thighs. He grasped his cock and led it to her slick entrance. He rubbed the head in her wetness and pushed forward. He rocked his hips, slowly seating himself to the hilt. She fit him like a glove, and he groaned at the pleasure of it.
    He pulled almost all the way out and slid home once again. Ketah set a steady pace, one that was guaranteed to have both he and Haven coming soon. She wrapped her legs around his waist and matched him stroke for stroke. His cock grew harder as he plunged deep inside her pussy.
    In and out he pumped, his dick growing harder still. His balls drew up closer to his body as his orgasm inched nearer. But then a piece of his soul reached out for Haven’s. The first light brush had him sucking in a sharp breath. And when they joined, became one, the mating bond snapping into place, Ketah couldn’t hold back the howl of pleasure that tore out of him. He sank into Haven one final time as she held tight on to his biceps, her pussy rhythmically clutching his cock in release. He followed her with an intense climax. After it ended, he collapsed on top of his mate.
    “That was the mating bond, wasn’t it?” Haven asked breathlessly.
    “Yes. I’ve claimed you. We’re mated.”
    “And you’re still hard.” She shifted beneath him and he slid deeper inside her.
    “Part of being a male werewolf. I can stay hard for hours at a time, even after coming more than once.”
    “Another plus side to all this.” Haven pushed his shoulders until he rolled onto his back. She followed him, keeping his cock buried inside her pussy. “Now it’s my turn to ride,” she said as she gave him a sexy smile.
    She leaned over and placed her hands on his chest as she kissed him deeply. Haven sucked his tongue into her mouth while she rode his cock, lifting up onto her knees, then sinking back down once more.
    Haven kept the pace slow and steady, which drove Ketah’s arousal even higher. He lifted his hips to match her strokes, letting her have complete control over their lovemaking this time. He lifted his hands and palmed her breasts through her shirt. Nothing felt better than being buried inside his mate, watching as she took him while the pleasure she felt showed across her face.
    Haven moaned. “I’m going to come again already. God, you feel so good.”
    “I’ll be right behind

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