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participate that is the concern.  Of the younger generations, all, or nearly all, are willing to participate.  It is the fractious Elders whom we require assistance recruiting.”
    “I don't suppose you had any part in recruiting all of these Juveniles.”  I said to Samon.
    “I asked nicely.”  Samon lied with a smile that said a thousand words, but I would hardly condemn him his practices if it meant the Army of Vampires we would need, and the Juveniles were in the same peril which we were all in, even more so.  They could do their part.
    “I'm sure you did.”  I said.  “Little else would be required.”  I could say this now without feeling as if I were belittling them to their faces, because they had all now gone.  They had been convinced to participate with the Resistance, but when the day was done, they wasted no time in making themselves scarce.  Now only I, Sonafi, Samon and Drye remained, eldest to youngest, if by any stretch of the imagination Drye could be considered young.
    Drye was Persian.  Born to a Human woman during the time when Persia ruled the known world.  The Old World.  Olive skinned as compared to my own brown.  Brown and green eyes and the black beard of his peoples, but trimmed in an American style.  A scholar during the period of his Human life, that what had caused our acquaintance, he had jumped at the opportunity I had offered him for eternal life.  He was and always had been the kind of person who could not find enough hours in each day to do all the things which he wished to accomplish, and he had sailed across the reef of the thousand year mark as if it had not even passed by under his keel.
    He was e ntirely different than Samon.  I had always expected Samon to go rogue.  I was surprised when he passed the thousand year mark and even more so today.  I had never expected this maturing to occur.  It showed me that there are mysteries yet left in this Universe.  That there is endless variation and that Mother Nature could take care of Herself.  Samon had come around three hundred and sixty degrees.
    So you wish for my Marcel to go around and convince the other recalcitrant Elders of the necessity of joining with us in our fight against the Others?”  Sonafi accused.  I am Marcel.
    I had not seen this coming.  I saw it now.  Samon and Drye were both very old Vampires, but there were many Elder even to them.  I supposed this should be my duty.  To send one or even both of them could very well be sending them to their deaths.  These reclusive Elders would not appreciate being disturbed and might kill the lesser Vampires just for the temerity of seeking them out.  Elder Vampires are not known for their kindnesses, not even to their own Elder brothers.
    “That about sums it up.”  Drye said.  There are a great number of Vampires who are truly terrified to be in my presence, but Drye was not one of those.  Beside the fact that we had been friends for long years before he had become a Vampire, I was the one who had c hanged him.  He had never really understood my true power until he had become a Vampire himself, but by then the trust he had learned could not be overridden by the blaring alarms of his new Vampire senses.  Drye has always trusted me.
    “I thought you would not return to the Old Country?”  Sonafi accused me mildly.  She could see, of course, that I had already made up my mind.  What choice was there?  I was the Eldest.  It fell to me because I was the o nly Vampire that could go to all of them and the necessity because we needed each and every one of them we could recruit.  We had no idea what we would be up against when the Other Elders came to do what their own Juveniles had so long failed to do.
    “I don't think a telephone call will be quite sufficient.”  I said as way of answer.
    I am a Vampire of sedentary habit of long standing. I enjoy reading, writing, the study of mathematics and physics and the other

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