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shoot. They mixed together in a swirl of fur and claws.
    One lion threw the other against the tree and when she turned to attack again, Lou swiped her with his claws and ripped open her chest. She lay still.
    There were no second chances when it came to stealing a bear’s mate. The lions changed back. Lou’s attacker reverted into an unknown woman while the lion by the tree shifted into Andrew’s ex-wife. Cursing, Andrew dropped his gun and ran down the hill. He needed answers.
    He reached the lions and dropped to his knees beside Juliet. “Where is he?”
    It took a moment for her gold eyes to focus.
    “Asleep.” She clutched at his shirt. “Watch over James. Tell him I love him.”
    “Then why did you leave us?”
    “Because she made me. I was supposed to get pregnant. I wasn’t supposed to love you both.” Her fingers tumbled away and the light dimmed from her eyes.
    “Juliet,” Andrew whispered, wondering what had happened to her. He stroked her cheek. Tears dripped down his face and regret stabbed at him with sharp knives of bittersweet memories.
    A large hand gripped his shoulder. “Let’s go.”
    Andrew nodded. He stood and carefully didn’t look directly at the naked bear shifter.
    “Eventually you will get used to us being naked,” he rumbled.
    “Somehow I don’t think so,” Andrew said. Brushing past Lou, he entered the small motel room. Loud chirping led him to a pillowcase tied off with a bit of rope. It took him a few minutes to unravel the binding and free the birds. The small wrens chirped happily up at him. “Hello, my mates.”
    Relief coursed through him. They didn’t appear injured and no feathers were out of place.
    In a blink, he became the centre of a wren sandwich. He relaxed against them. Glancing over, he saw Lou leaning over an unconscious James.
    “I’ve got to check on my son.” The wrens released him immediately. They knew of his need to watch over his boy.
    “Is he all right?” Lou asked. He hovered over James as if worried about touching him.
    Andrew checked James’ vitals and nodded. “She just knocked him out. He doesn’t appear to be having any bad side effects. I think he can just sleep it off.”
    “Good.” Lou picked up his mate in his muscular arms. Andrew didn’t get another word in as the bear shifter left the room with his prize.
    Talan patted Andrew on the back. “Take your mates home. We’ll call you if there’s any change.

Chapter Six
    Marlen smiled. He couldn’t help it. His two favourite people in the world were lying in bed together. They weren’t doing anything yet except smiling at each other and kissing between conversations, but for a wren, having everyone in his nest was a present of the highest level.
    “Are you going to stand there and smile all night or are you going to strip down and join us? I warn you there is a no clothing standard for this bed,” Andrew teased. After two weeks of breaking apart the other pride and uncovering all her nefarious actions, they’d been too tired to do much to further their bond.
    They had gone to the pride home of Andrew’s ex and had found female lions locked in cages. They’d been bred, then their cubs were sold to bring money to the pride house. Their conditions had been inhumane. Talan had turned them over to the shifter authorities to handle. The women needed counselling and places where they could feel safe. Some of them had watched their mates be killed when they’d challenged the alpha female.
    Marlen pretended to pout. “What about my flannel jammies?”
    “If you ever get anything flannel, I will burn it,” Chen vowed.
    “But I get cold.” Marlen batted his eyelashes.
    Andrew laughed. “Come here, little bird, I’ll keep you warm, though I think you probably have more body heat than I do.”
    That was an invitation he couldn’t resist. He climbed on top of the bed and snuggled against Andrew.
    “Are you going to claim me anytime soon?” Andrew asked.

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