Dalton, Tymber - Brimstone Blues [Brimstone Vampires 2] (Siren Publishing Classic)

Free Dalton, Tymber - Brimstone Blues [Brimstone Vampires 2] (Siren Publishing Classic) by Tymber Dalton

Book: Dalton, Tymber - Brimstone Blues [Brimstone Vampires 2] (Siren Publishing Classic) by Tymber Dalton Read Free Book Online
Authors: Tymber Dalton
let it play out.
    She turned it up even louder and pushed the accelerator to the floor. Behind her, Matthias eventually stopped trying to keep up. After a while she tuned everything out including the music, lost in her memories. She didn’t want to forget Rafe. She owed him that much. In fact, if she thought about it hard enough, she could hear him, his voice instead of her own speaking to her in her mind…

    * * * *

    Taz had filled the gas tank and ordered an appetizer at Ruby Tuesday when Matthias finally caught up with her.
    “Darling, do you think you could slow it down just a tad?”
    He realized she was serious. “Because you don’t want to get a ticket.”
    She glared at him. “Matts, you worry too much. Like I get tickets. When was the last time I got a ticket, big guy? That would be…never.”
    Matthias started to protest when common sense got the better of him. There was something there, behind the firm barrier she’d erected. He didn’t dare probe to find out what. Hopefully it was just stress. She was upset, but she was dealing.
    Let her deal in her own way.
    “Taz, promise me you’ll be careful.”
    She nodded without looking up from the menu. “Don’t worry, I won’t splatter myself between here and Gainesville, Matts.” There was something odd about her voice, the inflection. The tone.
    The waitress arrived with their appetizer, a plate of Thai Phoon shrimp. Matthias swallowed, hard. He admitted he didn’t know much about Taz’s dining habits, but this was too freaky.
    It was Rafael’s favorite appetizer.
    “Taz—” Then it finally hit him. “What did you call me?”
    She was already munching on a shrimp. “Matts, what’s the prob?”
    He eyed her carefully. Rafael was the only one who ever called him that. “Are you all right?”
    “Great googly, you gonna eat or stare?” Another shrimp down the hatch. Rafael ate the hottest of foods without flinching. Not that these were thermonuclear, but they were on the spicy side.
    Matthias felt a chill. Again, that was Rafe. Not his voice or face, but his words, his exact inflection. “Taz—”
    “Matthias, are you all right?” Taz stared at him over the table, concerned. “You look like you don’t feel good.”
    Something had shifted, released. Even the air felt different. Matthias shook his head and grabbed a shrimp. “I’m okay. Just tired and stressed, I’m sure.”
    She bit into another shrimp and immediately spit it out. “Oh, Christ, these things are spicy! I’m sorry, I can’t eat this.”
    She’d already munched two without batting an eye.

    * * * *

    She must have really zoned out. That happened from time to time when she drove. Only it usually happened while on the road, highway hypnosis. She never totally zoned out through a gas stop and came back from la-la land in a restaurant. She remembered it, but it was like she sleepwalked through it. Matthias had a weird look on his face and…
    “Matthias, are you all right? You don’t look like you feel good.” Son of a bitch! These shrimp were fucking hot . How had she missed that? She’d ordered that? She never did spicy.
    “Oh, Christ, these things are spicy! I’m sorry. I can’t eat this.”
    Matthias nodded, still looking…weird. Then again, she honestly didn’t have a lot of experience with him outside of the office. So he boinked her silly and dragged her from Florida to Yellowstone and back—
    Okay, that wasn’t fair. “I’m sorry I’m snarky. I just want to get home.”
    He nodded. “You’re all right?”
    “Oh yeah, I’m fine. But you look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

    * * * *

    Her taillights disappeared ahead of him. They’d prearranged their next gas stop and she promised to wait. Matthias called Tim Robertson.
    “Tim, can I ask you an odd question?”
    “Does Taz eat spicy food?”
    Tim laughed. “My Taz? If we were scared of garlic, then she’d be petrified of pepper. The girl won’t touch a pepper mill if you

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