The Next Mrs. Blackthorne (Bitter Creek Book 6)
spring-fed,” he said. “It’ll feel good once you’re in.”
    Jocelyn held her breath and took the plunge. She burst out of the water laughing and shivering. “It feels amazing. I’m—” She stopped abruptly when North appeared right in front of her, grinned, and splashed water in her face.
    Her mouth was open in shock, and she swallowed a good deal of it before she recovered enough to put her hands on his shoulders and kick herself high enough out of the water to get the leverage to shove him under. She felt his hands on her bare waist as he went down and then felt herself coming up out of the water as though she were being propelled by a porpoise. She went sailing high in the air and landed in the water with a gigantic splash.
    She had the forethought to close her mouth this time, but she opened her eyes and went searching underwater for North, to pay him back. She caught sight of his naked butt and realized the water was far too clear for modesty. But she owed him, and she pinched the inviting portion of his anatomy before she sped away.
    She came up in time to hear him yelp and grab his behind. “Serves you right,” she said, laughing.
    And then he came after her.
    She shrieked with laughter, something she hadn’t done since she was seven, and tried to race away, but he caught her ankle and walked his hands up her leg until he had her by the waist and could turn her into his arms. She was laughing and shoving at his chest, still trying to get away, when he caught a handful of her wet hair. She stilled immediately, caught by the look of desire in his eyes.
    She had known—feared—this moment was coming since North had invited her to come swimming with him. She was aware of the heat of his body tangled with hers. Her underwear was no protection at all. She could feel his heart pounding under her hand, feel his breath against her cheek, and watched as his eyes turned warm again, like Caribbean waters.
    She waited for the kiss she knew was coming. Waited. And wanted.
    He swam them closer to the edge of the pond until he could stand. Her feet were still off the ground, so she had to depend on him to keep her afloat.
    She watched his eyes as he lowered his mouth toward hers and saw the demand for surrender. And the promise of pleasure beyond bearing. She would have fought the first, but she wanted the second. Had wished for it all her life. Had dreamed of it, but never felt it.
    His lips were warm and soft, and she opened her mouth as his tongue came searching. She slid her arms around his neck and held on for dear life as he pulled her close, until her breasts were crushed against the muscular wall of his chest.
    The sensations were marvelous. Amazing. Overwhelming.
    She wasn’t aware he’d even touched the back clasp of her bra before he separated them and pulled her bra off and threw it onto the bank. She didn’t have a moment to protest before his mouth was back on hers, and her breasts were nestled against the coarse hairs on his chest. She rubbed herself against him, wanting the feelings that came with the friction of her smooth female skin against his hairy male body.
    And heard him groan.
    She stared at him in wonder, suddenly aware of a female power that had never dawned on her before. She could bring this powerful man to his knees with…a touch? She grasped a handful of his hair and pulled hard enough that he broke the kiss and stared into her eyes.
    His look was feral. And avid beyond imagining. He wanted her. Desperately. That much was clear.
    She put a hand against his cheek and felt the rough dark beard that had already grown since morning. She kissed his eyelids and his cheeks. Kissed his throat and felt the pulse beating frantically there. Nipped at the scar on his shoulder and felt his body tense. She looked into his eyes again and saw the warm blue had turned darker. Like storm clouds. Compelling in a way she found very hard to resist.
    She felt her body twist inside. Felt her breasts fill and

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