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Authors: Ruthi Kight
would have to find some way to entertain myself. 
contemplated calling Katy, but quickly thought better.  I knew she would only
want to know what Chase and I had said to each other during the week, or if he
had mentioned her in passing.  I didn’t have the heart to tell her that he
hadn’t even spoken her name since that day on the porch.  I have been called
many things during my life, but heartless wasn’t one of them. 
    As I
made my way downstairs, still in my pajamas and my hair wild, I heard voices
coming from the kitchen.  I couldn’t quite make out who it was, well, besides
my Grandma’s loud guffaw which I was sure could be heard for miles around.  I
looked down at my clothes and shrugged.  Whoever it was would just have to get
over it.  I have always lived in my pajamas on the weekend.  If they didn’t
like it, oh well.
pushed through the doors to the kitchen and immediately stopped.  Three sets of
eyes immediately latched onto me, but only one pair caught my attention. 
Seated around the table was Grandma, Brian, and of course, Chase.  Our eyes
connected, a smile creeping up his face, which caused my heart to sputter.  He
truly was one of the most beautiful guys I had ever seen. I was having a hard
time getting past that point.  How could such a small act cause such a strong
reaction within me?  Voodoo.  Had to be.  Yep.  That’s what I was going with.
broke eye contact and walked over to the cabinet to grab a glass.  I took my
time filling it with water as I felt eyes boring into my back.  I turned and
raised the glass to my lips, taking small sips as I glanced at the kitchen’s
current occupants.  Grandma looked over at me, laughter filling her aging eyes
again.  She reminded me so much of Mom in that moment.  Both of them had an
easy mischief that seemed to consume them.
sleepy head.  How’re ya feeling today?” she asked as she lifted her cup of
coffee to take a sip.
slid into the chair beside her and set my glass down.  “I’m great, thank you. 
And yourself?”  If she wanted to play that game then I could definitely play
better.  Chase and Brian came by this morning to bring me some fresh sausage
from Denny’s Farm down the road.  Wasn’t that sweet of them?” she asked, her
eyebrows rose at me, daring me to disagree.
I replied with a saccharine smile.  I didn’t dare look over at the guys seated
across from us.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to prevent a blush from rising if I
became ensnared in his eyes again. 
won’t keep ya Ms. Betty.  I’ve got to head home and see if Momma’s okay,” said
Brian as he stood up to leave.  “If you’re still having trouble with the truck
tomorrow, just give me a holler.  I can come over and take a look at it for
you Brian.  You’re a lifesaver.  Tell your momma I said hello and that she
should come by soon.  I’m thinking of reinstating Sunday dinners around here,”
she said as she stood as well. 
nodded and they both walked out of the kitchen, leaving Chase and I behind. 
Alone.  I ran my finger delicately along my glass of water, playing with the
condensation that had gathered on the outside of the glass.  I knew I was
fidgeting, but I couldn’t control myself.  There was something so unnerving
about this boy! 
like your jammies.  It’s been a long time since I’ve seen so many colors throw
up on someone’s clothes.” I looked up at him, prepared to voice my outrage, but
his smile disarmed me once again.  He was taunting me, trying to get a rise out
of me and damn if he hadn’t come close to succeeding.  I wouldn’t let him win.
you.  I like your outfit as well.  I have to say, Redneck Chic suits you quite
well,” I replied, my sugary-sweet smile still firmly in place.
haven’t heard?  It’s the latest trend.  I can help ya catch up, if ya want?”
off guard, I laughed out

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