Banging My Roommate's Boyfriend
    By Misty Rose
    Copyright 2015 by Misty Rose
    Smashwords Edition,
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    DISCLAIMER: This story is intended for a mature audience only! Contains
explicit, graphic sex and language. Intended for individuals over
the age of 18! All character are over 18!
    I was sitting on the couch, drinking a glass
of wine and playing with myself when the doorbell rang. I pulled my
fingers of out my pussy, finished off my glass of wine and went
over to answer the door. Looking in the peephole I saw that it was
Karl, Penny’s boyfriend. Right on time.
    Penny and Karl had been dating for almost a
month now but this was the first time he’d been over to our place.
She’d been trying him out, giving him a test run, to see what kind
of a man he was.
    Now that she felt comfortable with him,
she’d decided that it was time for us to meet. Which was fine by
me. If what she’d said about Karl was true, I was looking forward
to being alone with him.
    I opened the door. Karl looked surprised to
see me. Or maybe he was just shocked at what I was wearing. It
wasn’t much; a white t-shirt with no bra that showed off my firm,
perky tits along with white panties and nothing else. My dark brown
hair was done up in a ponytail and I wasn’t wearing anything on my
feet. My nipples were hard and threatening to poke holes in my
shirt from my solo activity before he’d shown up.
    “ Is Penny here?” Karl
    “ She had to run out for a
minute,” I replied. “Come on in and make yourself comfortable.
She’ll be back in a little while.”
    “ Maybe I should come back
when she’s here,” he said, his eyes checking me out from head to
    “ Don’t be silly,” I said,
holding the door open further. My arm was up high on the door,
lifting my shirt up, showing off my flat, tan stomach and the
bottom of my breast. “Grab a seat on the couch. I’ll get you a
glass of wine.”
    He deliberated for a moment then took a deep
breath and walked through the door.
    I went to the kitchen and refilled my glass
and got him one.
    When I came back he was on the couch, his
legs slightly spread and his hands folded neatly on his lap. He was
trying to hide the bulge in his pants but wasn’t having any
success. I could see it from here. I smiled and handed him his
    “ Thanks,” he said. “You’re
her roommate, right?”
    I nodded. “I’m Kendra. You’re Karl, I
    “ Yeah,” he said.
    “ Pleased to meet you,
Karl,” I said, holding out my hand.
    “ Likewise,” he said,
shaking it.
    “ I’ve heard a lot about
you,” I said.
    “ I’ve heard a lot about you
too,” he said. But it was a lie. I knew for a fact that Penny had
hardly mentioned me to him.
    I held out my glass towards him. “A toast,”
I said. “To Penny’s luck at finding such a wonderful guy.”
    He gave me a curious look but clinked
glasses and took a sip of his wine.
    I downed my glass in one gulp and set it on
the table. Then I dropped down to my knees and crawled towards him.
I spread his legs with my hands and moved in closer to him until my
head was hovering right above his groin.
    “ What are you doing?” he
said, laughing nervously under his breath and shifting his
    “ What does it look like I’m
doing?” I replied, running my fingers up his leg. I rubbed my

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