Spirit Sorceress: Spirit Sorceress: Book 1

Free Spirit Sorceress: Spirit Sorceress: Book 1 by D. L. Harrison

Book: Spirit Sorceress: Spirit Sorceress: Book 1 by D. L. Harrison Read Free Book Online
Authors: D. L. Harrison
    I could visualize my soul, and saw the spirit magic flowing
from the center of it.  Just a small amount, enough for me to keep an eye
on the immediate area.  I had no idea what to do at this point.  I
tried willing myself into that flow to the other side.  That didn’t do
anything but make me feel foolish.  I also wondered that if I succeeded,
if I would simply be separating my soul from my mortal body and actually going
    Killing myself on accident would be stupid.
    Well, how did I do it out here?  I didn’t send myself
out into the mortal world either, I sent my magic.  I increased the flow
slightly and created a thread of magic, just like I used to probe the air
shields on the younger vampires.  If only humans had similar shields, none
of this would be necessary.
    I tried to thread that magic back through the flow of power
and into the elemental plane of spirit.  It was like trying to thread a
string into a firehose that was blasting out water.  That wasn’t going to
work.  Maybe, I needed a new channel altogether.
    The spirit magic flowed from the center of my soul, so I
picked a different spot, and tried to use my soul as a gateway, just in the
other direction instead, and pushed the thread through.
    I gasped, and unshed tears gathered in my eyes.  It was
almost indescribable, the peace that overwhelmed me as I spirit read the
elemental plane of spirit.  That wasn’t much of a description, but I
wasn’t sure what else to call it.  It was incredibly peaceful, calming,
and centering.  It felt so wonderful that I never wanted to lose the
    It was also extremely dangerous, for just that reason. 
    I was tempted to end my own life, just so I could go
there.  When that thought crystallized in my mind, caution rose up as
well.  I wasn’t done with this life yet.  I took deep breaths, and
centered myself in my mind.  I was anchored, but I couldn’t even imagine
trying to explore that plane with my magic.  It would be too dangerous to
try, I was already at risk of losing myself to its allure, and I was barely
anchored to the edge of the plane.
    I didn’t think I could resist its call if I ventured
    I held the connection while refocusing my mind outward into
the mortal realm, and pushed out my power slowly.  I paused several times,
but eventually I was connected to all those human souls out there, a half mile
    It was hard to describe.
    It was like sitting in the center of a large tornado, the
wind wouldn’t touch me in my place of peace, but I could see the chaos around
me.  I was encased in the peace of the elemental plane of spirit, and the
chaos of all the human’s souls couldn’t touch me there.  I could still
read them, see their lives, and if I focused on one specifically I could see
all their lifetimes.  Their hopes, dreams, fears, losses, but I was
insulated from it, I wasn’t drowning in it.
    I felt balanced.  No longer tempted to end my life, or
caught up in the chaos.  I realized then, if I wasn’t reaching out with
all my power, I shouldn’t ground myself.  I either needed to do both, or neither. 
That way I wouldn’t be tempted to let go of my mortal life, or be drowned in
    I wasn’t any more powerful now, than when I was in the
forest.  But now I could access all that I had without fear.  I felt
someone approaching the cells and released it, both sides.  I kept just
enough magic going to keep track of people near me, and maintain a shield.
    I opened my eyes and looked over as she approached.  I
recognized her as one of the three guards that were upstairs.  She was
around two hundred, but looked twenty-four.  She had shiny and straight
light blonde hair and an athletic body.  She wore a dark blue pencil
skirt, a red blouse, and a dark blue, almost black, light jacket.  She
also had a smile on her face that reached her eyes.
    “Hi, I’m Lisa.  Are you hungry, or thirsty?” she
sounded really friendly.
    I nodded.

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